Spiritual Mentor Barb Schmidt Can Help You Achieve Mindfulness

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We’re told that mindfulness means living in the moment and truly taking in every experience—but how do we achieve mindfulness?

Barb Schmidt, spiritual mentor, philanthropist and author of the bestselling book, The Practice (HCI, 2014), knows what it means to be happy. For many years, Schmidt fell into the trap that “happiness” meant having money, power and possessions. It wasn’t until she dealt with her eating disorder and learned to live mindfully that she found true happiness in life. For more on how she achieved this and tips on practicing mindfulness, read her story at NextAvenue.

is a writer and publicist who has put more miles on her car than she cares to admit. After rubbing elbows with big shots and little shots in Los Angeles she has come home to Connecticut. She confesses that she hadn’t read Marquez’s work before she met him but has since become a huge fan and wishes she had asked him to sign a book.

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