“Olicity” Watch: Original Team Arrow and the Return of (Spoiler!)

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

As huge fans of the Oliver and Felicity pairing on Arrow, each week we’re bringing you an official “Olicity” Watch. We’re counting those kisses, obsessing over those little glances, and praying nothing breaks up our favorite couple—at least not before they get to make out in the lair a bunch of times.

Here’s our “Olicity” Watch for episode 4×03 “Restoration”:


The ghosts are still running amok in Star City, and Damien Dhark hires a meta-human, nicknamed Double Down, to hunt and kill the Green Arrow. This one can peel tattooed playing cards off his body and throw them to deadly effect. It’s less ridiculous than it sounds. Diggle and Oliver are still at odds until Felicity forces them to hash out their differences. Oh, and Laurel is once again given a horrifically inappropriate storyline involving her sister Sara, while Thea tries to work through her bloodlust in Nanda Parbat. It’s a fairly exciting episode—if you ignore how awful most of the Lazarus Pit stuff is. Thank heaven Nyssa finally destroys that thing.

Here’s a rundown of “Olicity” moments:

  • Felicity, Dig & Oliver are working together again, just like old times. Original Team Arrow, or the OG (Original Gangsters) as Felicity calls them. She’s practically giddy over comms and giddier again when they’re all in the lair together. Get in line sister. Dig refuses to get margaritas, but Felicity is supportive while she pats Oliver’s chest and he’s honest with her about his feelings. After the communication issues of Season 3, it’s beyond gratifying to see how healthy these two are together.
  • Oliver drops by the lair where Felicity is trying to figure out the DNA issues with the tooth Dig pulled out of a ghost’s mouth. Gross. But who cares because Oliver and Felicity are so cute it’s ridiculous. It’s all backrubs and smiley glances with these two. Felicity is worried about Oliver going out without backup. “I’m not. I have you,” he says, and I die a little on the inside.
cr: a-world-of-our-very-own.tumblr.com
  • Oliver and Dig almost get themselves killed instead of giving each other backup and Felicity uses her outside voice on both of them. It’s exactly what the two stubborn men need—and the look of amused lust that Oliver gives Felicity sustains me through the next five minutes of Laurel being inappropriately hardheaded about resurrecting Sara.
  • Felicity, Oliver and Dig are down in the lair for about 30 seconds looking up a baddie’s location. It’s OTA (Original Team Arrow) for the win as Dig makes a joke about Felicity’s boyfriend (squee!), and she says he’s supposed to be more evolved than Oliver. Oliver’s “Hmm?” to that comment is pretty priceless.
  • Felicity fights off Double Down while Curtis, the cupcake that is her new employee, cowers on the floor and gets hit in the head with a lamp. Not going to lie, I was hoping for a little more touching from Oliver when he races down the lair steps calling Felicity’s name. His hilariously shocked expression at finding out Felicity fought off the card thrower on her own almost makes up for the lack of groping.
  • OTA is out for some margaritas and Felicity actually calls them OTA. The Arrow writing staff is just messing with us at this point. No “Olicity” cuddling, but there’s something to be said for the quiet intimacy that exists between these two even when they’re just sitting side by side.

    cr: a-world-of-our-very-own.tumblr.com
    cr: a-world-of-our-very-own.tumblr.com

Kiss Count: Zero. I should probably be way more upset about this, but I’m just so charmed by OTA that I’m willing to overlook it. For this week ONLY.

Best Moment: It’s hard to pull out a best moment when there weren’t many “Olicity”-centric scenes. But I’m going with Felicity yelling at Dig and Oliver, mostly because of the spectrum of emotions that cross Oliver’s face during her rant. He goes from annoyed to cowed to amused to pretty clearly turned-on. Bless Stephen Amell’s acting choices when he plays opposite Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity. It’s clear that both the actor and his character are charmed by Felicity and I could watch him watching her all day long.

Steamy, Loving, or Old School: Most Arrow fans agree that the best “Olicity” season was 2, where Oliver, Felicity and Dig were this well-oiled, quippy machine who trusted each other and shared their secrets. This episode was a return to the good old days, with funny little glances and the easy chemistry of three friends who truly understand each other. “Olicity” might not have been at the forefront this week, but it was an undercurrent that ran through the whole episode, from the comfortable way Oliver and Felicity interacted, to the space they give each other to deal with their own lives and problems. Even when they’re not sucking face we feel the love between them, and it’s a pretty good reminder that they’re not just lovers—they’re good friends as well.

Here’s next week’s promo for episode 4×04 “Beyond Redemption”:

Check in next Thursday for the another edition of “Olicity” Watch!

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