“Olicity” Watch: Swooning Over Arrow’s Favorite Couple

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Warning: spoilers ahead!

It’s no secret that we love Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak together on The CW’s Arrow. After the doom and gloom of Season 3, watching “Olicity” literally ride off into the sunset was perfection. We spent the summer speculating about their relationship —and praying that the writers wouldn’t muck them up as soon as the show came back for Season 4.

Well, after watching the premiere last week, we can safely say that no one is mucking up “Olicity,” at least not yet. The first episode of the season was filled with bed scenes, casual touching, productive arguing and forehead kisses. This is what we’ve been hoping for since the quirky blonde IT girl popped up onto our screens back in Season 1.

But of course it wouldn’t be Arrow without a twist—and Oliver standing over a grave six months later is certainly dramatic enough to string us along throughout the season. We don’t know if Felicity is the one recently buried, though if she is WE WILL RIOT. Regardless, the premiere inspired us to create a weekly “Olicity” Watch. For the rest of the season, we’ll be bringing you Arrow reviews exclusively related to “Olicity” and their love. We’ll analyze those kisses, fret over any obstacles (we’re looking at you, secret son in Central City), and basically just fawn over the best couple on TV, obvi. So, without further ado, here’s our “Olicity” Watch for 4×02: “The Candidate.”

Recap: When last we left our favorite couple, they had decided to stay in Star City and take up crime fighting once again. But, as they both realize pretty quickly, returning to their old life is easier said than done. They’re fighting a new bad guy who’s especially evil. Oliver is still facing off against his once (and future?) best friend John Diggle, and now his sister, Thea, too, who’s starting to show signs of the Lazarus Pitt’s effect. Felicity is taking over as CEO at Palmer Tech and it’s not going as smoothly as she would have liked. This is the episode where they have to learn how to do things differently—Felicity by finding another way (how much do I love that she quotes her own words back to Oliver?) and Oliver by realizing that he can fight in the light as well as the darkness.

Let’s run through the significant “Olicity” moments:

  • Felicity adorably wants a code name. They banter over coms and it is EVERYTHING. The way Oliver shakes his head while smiling just kills me dead. This is what Season 3 was missing: the joy that Oliver takes in Felicity, the way he easily laughs with her, the amusement he experiences around her. From the beginning, Felicity was the only one who could bring out that easy lightness in Oliver. Now that he’s letting himself fully revel in it, the show just clicks.
  • Felicity and Oliver meet in the lair, where she pokes his chest and announces she’s bossy and he lights up like a Christmas tree. This boy cannot get enough of her. Also, he tells her she looks nice (!), gives her a new love fern (!!), and even packs her lunch (!!!!!). I can’t even.
  • Oliver buys a truck just to get the fingerprints on the windshield. Once a rich kid, always a rich kid, I guess. Regardless, this is only important because it leads to Oliver calling Felicity his girlfriend and then announcing that they have money due to her CEO status. The amount of times he uses “we” when discussing Felicity is likely to give me a heart attack. Also, how much do I love that Oliver is totally fine being dependent on Felicity? This is a guy who couldn’t trust anyone for years, who kept even his family at arms length. But when it comes to Felicity, he’s an open, your-money-is-my-money, book.
  • Felicity is having a pretty bad day after realizing she has to fire a bunch of people at Palmer Tech. She’s brooding in the lair when Oliver shows up and gives her a pep talk. He’s sweet, sensitive and says, “Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy,” which I’m going to pretend is about their relationship. Felicity is so often the one giving Oliver hope and motivation, which is why it’s so satisfying—and touching—when the tables are turned. It’s moments like this where you can really see how they work as a couple and how they balance each other. Also, the “we’s” getting tossed around in this conversation are amazing.
  • Oliver comes home to find Felicity on the penthouse balcony. They kiss, she tells him she solved her Palmer Tech problem and he tells her he’s running for mayor. They’re so normal in this moment. Well, except for all that power couple stuff. But they’re leaning on each other here. Literally and figuratively. Plus, Felicity’s face when Oliver says he’s running for mayor is priceless. This girl is not about to forget how many Star City mayors have already bit the dust.

Kiss Count: One casual kiss on their balcony with some leaning and heart eyes. Sure, it was only one, but they were in their new home, saying “hi” and recapping their days like a normal couple. I’ll take it.

Best Moment? This is tough. That balcony kiss was short but sweet, and the moment where Oliver pep-talks Felicity in the makeshift lair was even sweeter. (Side note: Oliver pep-talking Felicity might be my new crack.) But the winner has to be the fern and the packed lunch. Domesticated! Oliver is the actual best.

Steamy or Loving? Last week’s premiere was filled with lingering kisses, the promise of bedroom fun and then some actual scenes in a bed. Steamy, steamy, steamy! This week was less grope-y, but the loving moments made up for the lack of sexual tension. From “We have money now,” to communicating only through glances, Oliver and Felicity proved they are a unit. They make decisions together, they share their resources. After watching them at odds throughout Season 3, it’s not only gratifying to see them this in sync, it’s necessary for my soul. Bring on the loving. Or the steamy. Or both. I’m not picky.

Tune in next Thursday for the another edition of “Olicity” Watch!

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