New Rizzoli Bookstore Location on Broadway is Open and Better than Ever

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Rizzoli Bookstore, the literary oasis on West 57th St in New York, was a destination check-marked on every tourist’s to-do list. Whether you were walking by, stopping in on your lunch hour or spending hours browsing all levels of the store, it was not to be missed. But one year ago, the news was announced that Rizzoli would be shutting its doors following the store’s lease expiration and it was a shock for customers, booksellers, authors and even publishers. If Rizzoli couldn’t keep their doors open, how would so many of the smaller independent bookstores?

Location of the new Rizzoli Bookstore

Rizzoli, however, did not go quietly and on July 27, 2015 the famous Rizzoli bookstore welcomed back book lovers from around the world to step through their doors once again, when they opened their new flagship store at 1133 Broadway in New York, New York. The new space took six months to build to fit the store’s needs. With a nod to its roots, many of the bookshelves are made from the original Manhattan store that closed in 1985, as well as its more recent home at West 57th St. “The mandate was to repurpose as much as possible,” architect Thomas A. Kligerman told Architectural Digest. It’s no surprise that a place as beloved as Rizzoli continues to wow book enthusiasts everywhere and now thanks to its new home, book-loving tourists can still mark Rizzoli Bookstore as a must-see destination.


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