Video: Missed It? Live Interview with Ann Arnof Fishman and Marketing to Millennial Women

Yes I can, I am, and I will! This can-do attitude of millennials (Gen Ys)–those born between 1982 and 2000–is redefining the image of the American woman, whether they’re employees or customers. Millennial women are confident, strong, bursting with ideas, tech savvy, and champion multi-taskers. They influence every aspect of American business. With off-the-charts buying power, their effect on the economy is unprecedented. So, how can corporate America connect with, understand, and communicate with these 40-million-strong powerhouses? This first-ever illuminating guide unlocks the secrets, values, attitudes, and lifestyles of the millennial woman and offers a clear strategy on how to manage, market, and bond with them. This book is your opportunity to get to know them.

Meet the Author

ANN ARNOF FISHMAN is president of Generational Targeted Marketing, LLC, a specialized marketing firm that provides insights into the preferences, trends, and buying habits of each of America’s six generations. She was awarded four U.S. Senate Fellowships to study generational trends and taught generational marketing at New York University.