James Patterson Wants You to Nominate an Indie Bookseller for a Holiday Bonus

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holidayBonus-2015Know an independent bookstore employee who could really use a holiday bonus? Santa, er, James Patterson is going to make sure that their hard work to help keep indie bookstores alive is rewarded. He’s donating $250,000 to indie booksellers by partnering with the American Booksellers Association to distribute the funds among as many of the 2,200 affiliated bookstores as possible.

Why is he doing it? “Every holiday season I get the chance to pick out books to give my son, Jack,” says Patterson.  “I think hard about what he’ll love reading—what will excite him? What will inspire him? Of course, every day booksellers ask these questions on behalf of the people in their community. And I think they should be rewarded for spreading the joy of reading. These holiday bonuses are my humble acknowledgement of the important work they do all year. Here’s to you, booksellers, and to a joyful holiday season!”

Anyone can go here to nominate an independent bookstore employee for a bonus by answering the simple question: Why does this bookseller deserve a holiday bonus?” Entries will be received from October 7 to November 1. Winners will be announced in December.

This isn’t the first time that Patterson has championed indie bookstores. In 2014 he gave more than $1 million in grants to 178 independent bookstores. As bookstores continue to struggle to survive, the ability to put well-earned bonuses into the hands of employees is nothing short of Santa-tastic.

You can watch Patterson talk about the holiday bonus giveaway here.

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