Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the gorgeous photos of finished dishes in cookbooks or on television? Somehow, the lovely meal you’ve prepared just doesn’t look as good as that glamour shot.

Well, if you’re looking for some foodie visual inspiration, check out Lauren K. Stein’s new book, Fresh Made Simple (Storey Publishing, October 20). It’s cookbook with a unique twist—all of the recipes featured within the book contain ingredients, steps, and techniques integrated into illustrations created by Katie Eberts. Fresh Made Simple focuses on simple, unique flavor combinations and communicates them through beautiful, inky illustrations filled with color and flavor. Unlike a standard cookbook, which might feature pictures of meals manicured by food stylists, Stein’s distinctive recipes and Eberts’s whimsical illustrations inspire creative thinking without being intimidating. The cookbook will inspire home chefs to try simple new recipes made with fresh, healthy ingredients, and it does it with deliciously flying colors.

We fell in love with Fresh Made Simple, so here are a few recipe illustrations that we feel would be great for a healthy meal, like a Festive Fall Brunch.

Appetizer: Honey Ricotta Crostini

A hearty slice of a freshly toasted baguette topped with this yummy and simple ricotta-honey spread will keep stomachs from rumbling while the eggs cook.


Entree: Burrito Scramble

The main event is this cheesy, healthy, fresh egg scramble, complete with black beans and tortilla strips, topped with scallions and cheddar.


Dessert: Stuffed Figs

Bring your brunch to a sweet conclusion with this recipe for stuffed figs, which combines fruity flavors with tasty goat cheese and hints of cinnamon and chocolate, perfect for the autumn weather.



All images and recipies excerpted from Fresh Made Simple (c) Lauren K. Stein. Illustrations by (c) Katie Eberts. Used with permission of Storey Publishing.