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What’s Your Book Sign:

astrological-book-signs-mainAstrology is the guilty little pleasure we just can’t seem to put away. But did you know that your zodiac sign is actually a pretty good indicator of what books you should read? Flip your sign to see what book is perfect for you




Exclusive! Miya Tokumitsu on Why “Do What You Love” is Misleading:

miya-tokumitsu-do-what-you-love-mainMiya Tokumitsu never imagined when she wrote the article, “In the Name of Love” for JacobinMag.com that it would be picked up by Slate and quickly become an internet sensation. Since then, Tokumitsu has written DO WHAT YOU LOVE and Other Lies About Success and Happiness (Regan Arts, August 2015) in order to help other people realize where work and life should begin and end.


James Patterson What You to Nominate an Indie Bookseller for a Holiday Bonus:

james-patterson-bookseller-holiday-bonusKnow an independent bookstore employee who could really use a holiday bonus? Santa, er, James Patterson is going to make sure that their hard work to help keep indie bookstores alive is rewarded. He’s donating $250,000 to indie booksellers by partnering with the American Booksellers Association to distribute the funds among as many of the 2,200 affiliated bookstores as possible.


Top 5 Reasons Why We Wish Empire’s Cookie Lyon was our Mom:

taraji-p-henson-main-cookie-lyonNow that we’re in Season 2, the Lyon clan is taking no prisoners as they wage war for control of Empire. Holding it all together is Cookie, a rare depiction of a middle-aged woman and mother as a fierce, intelligent, loving force of nature. Is it any reason we wish she was our mother?



Heat Index: 5 Hot New Disney-Hyperion Books You’ve Got to Read:

disney-hyperion-heat-indexChristmas came early at the BookTrib office when we received five new novels from Hyperion Books. It just so happened that they are all so fantastic that they deserve their own Heat Index.




Eric Carle’s Newest Book: A Lifetime Love of Words and Art:

graphic for eric carleEric Carle’s new book, The Nonsense Show (Pilomel; October 13, 2015) is just as playful as the rest of his titles, but also offers readers young and old an introduction to a whimsical art style that is one of Carle’s favorites.




3 Spinoffs as Good — or Better! — than the Original:

the-originals-main-spinoffsI recognize that spinoffs can easily break your heart. They so rarely live up to the original material, often making you wish you were rewatching the show you actually love. But when they work, they’re amazing —sometimes even better than the show they were based on.




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The Walking Dead Makeup Tutorial:

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