Heat Index: 5 Hot New Disney-Hyperion Books You’ve Got to Read

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Christmas came early at the BookTrib office when we received five new novels from Hyperion Books. I devoured them all. It just so happened that they are all so fantastic that they deserve their own Heat Index. So here are five brand new titles from Disney/Hyperion that you have to go out and buy ― now!

Mouse Mission: A Mousenet BookPrudence Breitrose (Disney-Hyperion, October 6, 2015)

mouse-mission-prudence-breitroseThermometers“Genuine goodwill, humor and impressive believability will have readers longing for mice as friends-not to mention political allies.” —Kirkus Reviews

Heat Index: In Breitrose’s third installment of the Mousenet series, young Megan joins forces with a team of tiny heroes — mice. When a rain forest is about to be demolished by Loggocorp, a timber company, Mouse Nation must come together before time runs out to not only find who the land belongs to, but also save the rain forest and its treasures. This series is full of charm and the final book does not disappoint.

Temperature: 84°

Flight of the King: Animas Book Two, C.R. Grey (Disney-Hyperion, October 13, 2015)

animas-flight-of-the-king-c.r.-greyThermometers“Drawing on the tradition of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials, Grey has created a fantastical boarding-school adventure with steampunk sensibilities and political intrigue.” —Booklist Online

Heat IndexBook 2 in the Animas trilogy follows Bailey and his friends as they begin a new semester at Fairmount. But danger lurks when Viviana tries to trap his Animas, the white tiger Taleth. She’s been told that Taleth will prevent her from ruling. In order to save Taleth, Bailey and company set out on a trek across the kingdom in order to keep the heir to the throne safe. Exciting, cool and full of adventure, every middle-schooler should own this series.

Temperature: 89°

Spinning Starlight, R.C. Lewis (Disney-Hyperion, October 6, 2015)

spinning-starlight-disney-r.c.-lewisThermometers“Like the best mid-20th-century science fiction, this entertaining adventure delivers the thrilling plot, effortless world building and compulsive readability…” —Kirkus Reviews

Heat Index: Liddi Jantzen’s brothers have gone missing and she tasks herself with finding them. But after escaping from her own kidnappers, Liddi comes across another world where Tiav, a handsome dignitary, just might be able to help her find her brothers. Hans Christian Anderson’s The Wild Swans is turned on its head in this sci-fi fairy tale that will leave all YA fans wanting more.

Temperature: 90°

A Frozen Heart, Elizabeth Rudnick (Disney Press, October 6, 2015)

a-frozen-heart-elizabeth-rudnick-disneyThermometers“Hans and Anna… well, let’s just say that YA is just the right genre to put this story in, as any YA reader knows – not all couples get their Happily Ever After.” —TheFandom.net

Heat Index: Anna and Hans each have a story to tell and in A Frozen Heart, they get the chance to share their back stories in detail. In alternating points of view, we learn a little more about the Frozen couple who crashed and burned and what actually motivated Hans to double cross Anna. For everyone who loved Frozen, this book gives us more of the captivating adventure in Arendelle.

Temperature: 95°

A Thousand Nights, E.K. Johnston (Disney-Hyperion, October 6, 2015)

a-thousand-nights-e.k.-johnstonThermometers“Detailed and quiet, beautifully written with a literary rhythm that evokes a sense of oral tale-telling, this unexpected fantasy should not be missed.” ―Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Heat Index: Lo-Melkhiin needs a new bride and will stop at nothing to find the best girl any of the villages has to offer, even if it means slaying as many girls as possible. When two sisters team up to take down Lo-Melkhiin by switching places, it puts them in terrible danger. Can they stop the ruler from killing all of the maidens in the land and how can magic help the sisters? It’s Arabian Nights in a completely different and exciting retelling.

Temperature: 97°

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