Chocolate Lovers: Sandra Boynton Returns — Plus a Fairytale Brownies Giveaway!

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Sandra Boynton

What do you really want from your chocolate? Are you looking for a constant companion or an infrequent nibble? Perhaps you need some mood stabilization therapy through cacao consumption—or do you just want a quick sugar fix? You can now realize your full chocolate-loving potential because Sandra Boynton’s “Chocolate: The Consuming Passion (Workman; October 6, 2015) has covered every chocolate-drizzled angle.

The beloved New York Times bestselling author, humorist and illustrator first wrote her “Handbook for the Truly Obsessed” in 1982; it has been redrawn and updated to the delight of a whole new generation of chocoholics. As Boynton notes, many things have changed in the world since the original release, but chocolate remains constant.

Boynton’s comedic insight into the world of chocolate making is unparalleled (she defines a truffle as “something to do with heavy cream and superb bittersweet chocolate and frenetic whipping”). If you need a better definition, Boynton suggests asking an expert. She’s also pegged every single type of chocolate eater out there, including “The Sensuous Chocophile,” “The Thoughtful Theobromian” or “That Vanilla Guy.” Trust me; you don’t want to be him.


Boynton unveils other priceless secrets like how chocolates are made (enrobing, panning, dipping or shell molding) or how to tell what’s inside a chocolate, aka “chocolate reading.” (For best results, stick your finger in the bottom and put the chocolate back in the box if the inside is not to your liking.) Boynton also explores common chocolate myths, how it pleasantly alters your mind and body and most importantly, how to avoid non-chocolate situations. This includes skipping out on your friends’ weddings with white cakes, but in a world filled with amazing chocolate desserts, it’s totally worth it.

Once you finish Boynton’s primer on chocolate, you’ll know exactly how far you’re willing to go in the name of that delicious confection. We’re not judging.

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