Newest Guinness World Records Astound and Amaze

guinness world records 2016All right, lovers of the weird and the wacky, of all things trivial and fascinating—it’s time to celebrate! Guinness World Records 2016 has arrived!

The original Guinness Book of World Records owes its creation to a 1951 argument in which Guinness brewery executive Sir Hugh Beaver asserted that the golden plover was the fastest game bird in Europe. Ultimately unable to prove his point, Beaver realized that there must have been a plethora of other disputes taking place in pubs both in Ireland and around the world, and a reference book was needed to settle them. Soon, the company commissioned the first Guinness Book of World Records, published in 1954.

Since then, Guinness has become the standard for unusual facts, strange data and bizarre information. Want to find out who sells the largest commercially available pizza? Guinness has you covered. (By the way, it’s Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, California. They’ll make you a pie that measures more than four feet by four feet. Note: they need 24 hours notice to cook it.) Want to know who grew the longest set of fingernails? That would be Lee Redmond, who began growing them in 1979 and manicured them to a total of more than 28 feet in 2008. (Sadly, she lost the nails in a car accident a year later.)

Here are some of our favorite records from Guinness World Records 2016:

Most Teeth in a Mouth: That would be 37, five more than the usual piehole, and those chompers belong to Vijay Kumar of India. “Wherever I go, I need to carry my brush,” says Vijay. “Sometimes they even hurt, like when I get a chili seed caught.” But Vijay says, “no matter how much they hurt, or how many times I bite my tongue, which is a lot by the way, it’s worth it to get into the Guinness World Records Book.”

Union, Missouri is home to the largest hot dog cart

Largest Hot Dog Cart: Hungry? Stop by and visit Marcus “Hot Dog Man” Daily of Union, Missouri. When he found that it was difficult to peddle hot dogs in bad weather, he built the record-setting cart that measures nine feet, three inches in width, 23 feet two inches in lengths, and 12 feet, two inches in height. “It was a difficult process that involved long days and lots of backbreaking work,” Marcus said, “but it’s been a lot of fun!” The cart features a drive-through and a rest room, and helps Marcus serve 33 different varieties of hot dogs to 300 customers a day in any weather.

Tallest Married Couple: Sun Mingming (seven feet, eight inches) and his wife Xu Yan (six feet, one inch) of China top this list, combining for a total of 13 feet, 10 inches of wedded bliss. Both are sports stars in their home country—he plays basketball, and she excels at handball. “Everyday tasks, such as traveling by car, plane or getting a room in a hotel prove difficult,” they tell Guinness, “but we’re used to these problems.”

Most Telephone Directories Torn in One Minute (Female): Don’t mess with American strongwoman Lindsay Lindberg. She set this record by tearing through five directories in 60 seconds. This Kansas native, also known as “Mama Lou,” has been performing feats of strength since age 25, and has also set the records for Most Apples Crushed with the Biceps in One Minute (10) and Most Frying Pans Rolled Up in One Minute (six).

Rodriguez Hernandez has the largest feet on a living person

Largest Feet on a Living Person: Twenty-year-old Rodriguez Hernandez of Venezuela sports a pair of gunboats that each measures just over one foot, three inches, making him a whopping size 26. His feet are even larger than those belonging to the world’s tallest living man (his feet are a mere size 24). The only shoes that Rodriguez can wear are specially ordered from and made in Germany.

You can check out these and many other fascinating records in Guinness World Records 2016, and at the publisher’s website at GuinnessWorld Records.



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