Heat Index: 5 Hot New September Books We’re Devouring

September is upon us and that means the book-release craze has begun. With so many books hitting the shelves this month, we decided this week’s Heat Index should spotlight a few that held us prisoner from the first page to the last. There are many more to come, but for now get these new reads on your TBR list immediately.

If I Knew You Were Going to be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go, Judy Chicurel (Berkley, September 1)

“Although this is ostensibly a collection of ‘linked’ short stories, the book reads like a novel…very nearly miraculous and unexpectedly profound.” Los Angeles Review of Book

Heat Index:
A number of novellas come together to form this beautifully laid out novel that follows young women in Elephant Beach in 1972. During a difficult time in history, these women are pulled between keeping their lives the same and wondering if the future might hold something brighter. Whit, beauty and brilliance make this page-turner a must-read.

Temperature: 84°

The White Ghost: A Billy Boyle WWII Mystery, James R. Benn (Soho Press, September 1)

“Benn does a good job of capturing life under the constant threat of Japanese attack—and depicting the Kennedys as flawed human beings.” —Publishers Weekly 

Heat Index: Billy Boyle returns in this WWII novel as he is hired by the Kennedy family to investigate a murder that Jack Kennedy has been implicated in. In the most dangerous of places, Boyle must keep his head and get to the bottom of this mystery. Is Jack a murderer? Boyle’s not so sure. Captivating, historical and mysterious, Benn’s latest novel has it all.

Temperature: 87°


The Murdstone Trilogy: A Novel, Mal Peet (Candlewick Press, September 22)

“Blending worlds, wit, and literary allusions with unique narrative voices… Darkly comic and a joy to read.” —Booklist, starred review

Heat Index: Peet weaves a hilarious and magical tale around waning YA author Philip Murdstone, who turns to a “dwarfish stranger” in order to make a deal that he hopes will reignite his career. But is it more than he bargained for? And who can really trust a creature looking to save the day? Charming and a one-of-a-kind, you’ll want to re-read this the second you finish it.

Temperature: 89°


Fake Paranormal Investigator, Jillian Cade (Soho Teen, September 1)

“A detective story with a heavy romance bent… Klein’s story is quick and funny despite its darker subject matter.”
School Library Journal

Heat Index: With her famous father out of the picture, high school junior Jillian Cade decides to run her father’s PI firm, which happens to investigate the “paranormal.” But when fellow student Sky Ramsey brings Jillian a case, Jillian’s skepticism of the magical world begins to wane much to her surprise, and her feelings for Sky reach a new level.

Temperature: 92°


The Debt of Tamar: A Novel, Nicole Dweck (Thomas Dunne Books, September 8)

“Disrupted love affairs, guilt, and secrets of faith and identity are looped across centuries and around the globe in Dweck’s impassioned debut.” Kirkus Reviews

Heat Index: The last descendant of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman crosses paths with the daughter of a Holocaust survivor in New York City. As they quickly get wrapped up in one another, they begin to dissect their family histories and quickly realize that there’s so much more to their story than the present. Historical family trees and fate come together in this exquisite novel, creating a story that can not be missed.

Temperature: 95°