Impetuous is not a word you’d use to describe Claire Bramany. But when an accident in Brooklyn in 1995 takes the life of her lover, Jessie Friedman, Claire’s world implodes.

While cleaning out Jessie’s desk, Claire finds journals that tell long-buried secrets of Jessie’s western girlhood.

Jessie’s account of Tulsa in 1944 appears innocent and playful, at first. Jessie’s days are peopled with quirky characters–especially Uncle Jimmy, an honest-to-goodness hero back from war-torn Europe. He’s Jessie’s favorite, until he makes his move on his nine-year-old niece.

No secrets. Secrets kill. This was the promise Claire and Jessie had made to each other. But Claire never heard of any Uncle Jimmy, much less any sexual violation. Shattered, yearning to reconnect with the Jessie she thought she knew, Claire heads out to Oklahoma.

Are the journals true? If so, has Claire any other course than to avenge Jimmy’s hideous crimes…?

Meet the Author

MARILYN OSER has done archeology in France, dogsledding in Minnesota and woodworking in her own garage…but, what she loves best is writing. She is the author of the novel PLAYING FOR KEEPS (under the pseudonym Jack Kendall), the blog “Streets of Israel” and some short stories and guidebooks. She is a recipient of the University of Michigan’s Avery Hopwood Prize for excellence in writing. [giveaway giveaway_id=2258 side=”right”]