Emma Watson’s Career is Every Book Lover’s Dream

I can’t begin to express my love for Emma Watson. She’s beautiful, brilliant and insanely talented. Even more amazing are her career choices, which interestingly, though not surprisingly, revolve around book-to-movie adaptations that were completely perfect for her. When I came across Quirk BooksThe Many Literary Adaptations of Emma Watson, I realized they absolutely nailed it. Watson’s roles are every book lover’s dream. Here are my two favorites.

Harry Potter Series

There will never be another Hermoine Granger. Emma is Hermoine. Hermoine is Emma. The crazy thing is that when I read the books as a child, she was exactly what I pictured: sweet, nerdy, adorable and feisty.

The Tale of Despereaux

Watson’s portrayal of Princess Pea was slightly different than any of her other roles as the audience only heard her voice. The animated movie follows the story of Princess Pea and book-loving mouse Despereaux. Watson’s voice-over is lovely and getting to see her in a different role than what we’ve seen before made me realize she can do anything.

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