Celebrate International Read an E-Book Day and Enter to Win an iPad Mini

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I have a terrible habit of reading multiple books at one time (my attention span is pretty short). At any given time I am reading between two to four books, not to mention magazines in between. This is why I love e-books and e-readers: I can have everything I’m reading in my purse at one time without having to lug it all around. E-readers are portable, personal, easy to use and convenient—perfect for people (like me!) who love to read on the go.

Why does this all matter? Well, because Friday, September 18 is the official International Read an eBook Day, a day meant to celebrate digital reading around the world. The day pays tribute to the shift in the way that we read and celebrates contemporary storytelling. Now you’re probably thinking: This sounds awesome—but, how do I celebrate?

There are several ways to celebrate International Read an eBook Day. You could post your pictures to social media showing you in your favorite place to read an e-book. You could buy a new e-book or post online about the best book you’ve read on an e-reader. Give your e-books some love!

Or if you want to do something really special, enter to win an iPad mini sponsored by London Road: Linked Stories, an e-book of delightful short stories by Tessa McGovern. The lucky winner will receive London Road preloaded on the iPad. What a great way to celebrate the day!

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