Can’t Put It Down: 3 Books to Keep You Up Past Your Bedtime

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We’ve all been there. The hour is late but the book is SO good. You tell yourself,

“I’ll read for a half-hour and then it’s lights-out.” But that half-hour turns into one hour, then two. We might regret it when we’re downing coffee at an alarming rate the following morning but when lost in those riveting pages, we think of nothing but the story.

That’s what Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi recommends this week: Books to Keep You Up Past Your Bedtime. Known for its great selection of literary fiction, excellent children’s section, and books on the American South, Square Books plays host to more than 150 author events each year and hosts the popular Thacker Mountain radio show.

Here’s manager Lyn Roberts shelfie picks that will keep the midnight oil burning.

The Bone Tree (Penn Cage series) by Greg Iles (William Morrow, 2015)

Bone Tree cover“Greg Iles has never settled into a predictable publishing routine and his latest book, The Bone Tree, the second in an epic trilogy of murder, race, family and corruption set in Natchez, Mississippi, stands as a testament to his ability to push the boundaries and keep the reader enthralled.  Penn Cage, the protagonist of several of Iles’ earlier books, is searching for his father, an upstanding citizen and beloved doctor, after his former nurse is found dead. The trail is full of twists and revelations of conspiracies going back to the 1960s. No nodding off with this book in your hands!”


Little Sister Death by William Gay (Dzanc Books, October 6, 2015)

LittleSisterDeath“William Gay, who was a favorite here at Square Books, came to writing late in life but came to it naturally and brilliantly.  He died in 2012 before this last novel could be published and it had been six years since his last book, Twilight, was released.  Little Sister Death, based on the Tennessee Bell Witch legend, mesmerizes with Gay’s elegant prose so that the reader is unable to look away from this haunting novel.”




The Scribe by Matthew Guinn (W.W. Norton & Company, September 14, 2015)

TheScribe“Set just before the 1881 International Cotton Exposition in Atlanta, The Scribe is a perfect marriage of thriller and historical novel.  Former detective Thomas Canby has returned to Atlanta to work with the African-American police chief to track down a serial murderer who has been killing prominent African Americans and inscribing a letter of the alphabet on the victim.  With attention to detail and craft, this novel is a page-turner that will stick with the reader.”



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