Arrow Season 4 Trailer Drops and Gives Us Major ‘Olicity’ Feels

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Arrow is returning Wednesday, October 7, and fans of “Olicity” Can. Not. Wait. SPOILER ALERT! Oliver (Stephen Amell) rode off into the sunset with his computer-tech lady love, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) last May, and producers are promising a bit of domestic bliss at the start of the new season. Arrow released the long-awaited trailer on Friday, September 4 and we got a brief reprieve from our “Olicity” withdrawals. Check it out!

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re big fans of “Olicity” here at BookTrib, and even bigger fans of them kissing. The thing is “Olicity” was never supposed to happen. Oliver was originally romancing Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), but fans were drawn to the insane chemistry between Oliver and his hacker-genius sidekick. Laurel is beautiful, determined and smart, but not particularly geeky. The same can’t be said for Felicity, who originally charmed Oliver — and all of us — with her computer skills, her foot-in-mouth-syndrome, and her all around love of geek culture. The girl uses the word “Frack” for God’s sake. And she may or may not have dated Ray because he liked Doctor Who. (Honestly, who can blame her?)

It’s pretty rare that the geeky, smart girl gets the super hot guy. So whenever it happens, the nerds in us can’t help but cheer a little inside. Inspired by “Olicity” and their geek-superhero love, here are three books where the smart girl finally wins the heart of the alpha dude.

Smart Girls Get What They Want, by Sarah Strohmeyer (Balzer + Bray, 2012)

12924304This YA is equal parts charming and touching, focusing on a trio of smart girls who have their lives almost compulsively figured out. But when unexpected events shake up their worlds, each one has to adapt and realize that not everything is as it seems. Gigi is at the heart of this story as she works with Mike, a popular jock, after they’re both accused of cheating. Gigi has Mike pegged as a stereotypical idiot, but she couldn’t be more wrong. The “Olicity” feels are strong here, as she learns to see him in a new light, looking past his popular, playboy reputation.


, by Rainbow Rowell (St. Martin’s Press, 2013)

FangirlWIPThere’s a reason that Cather Avery is the girl we want to hang out with. She’s quippy, smart and likes writing fanfiction way more than interacting with the outside world. She’s one of the most popular authors in the Simon Snow fandom (loosely based on Harry Potter), and struggles to balance her online fame with her real life. That doesn’t stop Levi, her roommate’s ex-boyfriend, from falling for her. Levi is everything Cath isn’t: popular, confident and comfortable in his own skin. He pulls Cath from her fictional life, celebrating the geeky parts of her while still encouraging her to come out of her shell. Like “Olicity,” these two boost each other up without ever trying to change the core of who they are.

Lover Unbound
, by J.R. Ward (Signet, 2007)

41oAbNhHedL._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_Even vampires deserve some geeky love. In this case, it’s Vishous, a member of the Brotherhood who’s obsessed with battling the Lessening Society. It’s not until he meets brilliant surgeon Jane Whitcomb that he finally starts to give into his emotional side. Just like Oliver, who denied his feelings for the genius Felicity in order to protect her, Vishous must struggle with his own feelings and the mission he’s dedicated his (un)dead life to. But every alpha eventually realizes that super smart geeky girls won’t be put off for long.

Rachel Carter grew up surrounded by trees and snow and mountains. She graduated from the University of Vermont and Columbia University, where she received her MFA in nonfiction writing. She is the author of the So Close to You series with Harperteen. These days you can find her working on her next novel in the woods of Vermont.

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