Louisa Sparks is thrown into a world of chaos and adventure when she finds an unusual timepiece in the pocket of her grandfather’s old coat. With the press of a button, Louisa is suddenly transported through time. Soon after, she receives an invitation to join the strange fraternity of The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers. But her adventures have only just begun! Time travellers are going missing and Louisa may be the only one who can save them. Visit us at www.thetimetravellersclub.com

Meet the Author

ELYSE KISHIMOTO’s journey as an author began after she graduated from the University of Toronto with a double-major in politics and philosophy and minor in English literature. Afterword, she pursued a Master’s degree in the Science of Education as Elyse had always loved interacting, motivating and providing meaningful guidance for children. In 2009, Elyse began as an elementary school teacher in Toronto. She especially enjoyed the moments where she could inspire her students with interesting landmarks, history and geography around the world. Although she deeply enjoyed teaching, in 2014 she decided to leave the education profession to travel and pursue her passion of writing. During this time, Elyse published a popular travel blog documenting her experiences. Today, Elyse is pursuing her writing career and is launching her first novel series, The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers. [giveaway giveaway_id=2217 side=”right”]