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Dear Reader,

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Swash_ornamentDear Reader,

1001 Dark Nights_Julie Kenner_300dpiImmortality.

From the outside, it sounds like an amazing gift.

But there is a price to pay, too, as the men and women in my Dark Pleasures series know only too well.

In Caress of Pleasure, that price is loneliness. How can an immortal man bear to watch his love grow old? To feel the weight of that loneliness a century from now, when death has taken her from him?

Thirteen years ago, Dante reluctantly walked away from the woman he loved in order to not only protect his secret, but to protect his love, both body and heart. Now, she’s back in his life, older and stronger and more beautiful than ever. And Dante knows that he will never survive eternity if he can’t find a way to both win her back …

…and make certain that theirs is a love that will last through time.

Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies.

XXOOJulie-Kenner 2

Julie Kenner


Dear Reader,

1001 Dark Nights_A Ivy & L Wright_300dpiIt seems impossible to believe that it’s been almost three years since Laura and I shared a conversation where we casually discussed how much fun it would be to write a series together.  Neither of us ever dreamed BAYOU HEAT would not only become a USA Today Bestseller, but that we would be writing books 17 & 18 to share with our wonderful readers.  It has been a wild and fantastic ride that Laura and I wouldn’t have missed for anything.  We hope you’ll share our excitement in bringing you RAGE/KILLIAN!

Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies


ivy-photoAlex and Laurawright 2



Dear Reader:

devilsbridgeI hope you like your crime novels with a serious twist – because Alex Cooper and Mike Chapman are back in action in DEVIL’S BRIDGE- and this series takes a dramatic turn when Coop disappears.  Mike has to pick up the pieces and the investigation – in his own voice, as you’ve never seen him before.  I’m giving away five copies of the book so write to me at [email protected] to enter, and follow me on facebook.  Thank you and I hope you find it great fun to read.

Linda Fairstein

Linda Fairstein credit Katherine

Swash_ornamentDear Reader,

Night-Chill-New-Cover-7I grew up enjoying the works of Stephen King (at much too young an age!) and found early on that I enjoyed a story that could give me the chills and make me double-check that the doors are locked at night. NIGHT CHILL is about a father whose daughter is abducted by a cult. He must discover what he’s willing to do to save her. As a father of five, I know the answer is anything…anything at all. I’m giving away five books. Write [email protected] to win!

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