If you’re thinking about going to see a movie this weekend, but you’re not sure which one to bite the bullet on, we’re here to tell you to that you should run, not walk, to see The End of the Tour. Haven’t heard of it yet? Check out the trailer below.

In 1996, Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky hit the road for five days with novelist David Foster Wallace for an in-depth interview to document Wallace’s book tour. Though the interview was never released, Lipsky penned the memoir, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace, following the tragic death of Wallace in 2008, in which he details the five days he spent with Wallace.

david lipsky although of course you end up becoming yourself

Featuring Jesse Eisenberg as David Lipsky and Jason Segal as David Foster Wallace, The End of the Tour is based off of Lipsky’s New York Times bestselling memoir. It was an instant hit at the Sundance Film Festival and now it’s picking up steam in theaters, with people slowly recognizing its brilliance. Segal’s performance as David Foster Wallace, who according to the Los Angeles Times is “one of the most influential and innovative writers of the last 20 years,” is nothing short of genius. It’s the must-see movie for the end of the summer and one every book lover needs to experience.