Ah, young love. Remember the feeling of meeting your first love? Remember the heartbreak that followed? We sure do and that’s why this week’s Heat Index is all about finding your inner teen again. We’ve got 5 hot new YA books that take us back to high school and remind us what it was like to fall in love, experience the terrible feeling of losing that love and the beauty that lives in a young spirit determined to make it out of the teenage years alive.

Every Last Word, Tamara Ireland Stone (Hyperion Teen, June 16)

Every Last Word cover Tamara Ireland StoneThermometers“A brilliant and moving story about finding your voice, the power of words, and true friendship. I couldn’t put it down.” Elizabeth Eulberg, Author of The Lonely Hearts Club

Heat Index: What do you do when your inner monologue is screaming dark thoughts at you, but your “friends” have no idea that darkness exists? Samantha McAllister must find a way to navigate through high school with OCD and a new-found friend who is definitely not on the “cool list.” A beautiful novel about discovering your true self and the people who raise you up, not tear you down.

Temperature: 86°


Never Always Sometimes, Adi Alsaid (Harlequin Teen, August 4)

Never Always Sometimes adi alsaid coverThermometers“Clever banter between the two best friends… pitch-perfect emotional resonance… With all the fun of a classic teen movie, this one should fly off the shelves.” Booklist

Heat Index: Forever friends, Dave and Julia, have sworn to never date as one of a set of rules that they’ve put in place for their friendship. One breaks that cardinal rule, determined not to let the other in on the secret. But when the other decides they should break ALL of the rules to see what they’re missing out on, this lifelong friendship just might be put to the test. You’ll fall in love with this story from the second you open the book.  

Temperature: 87°

Everything, Everything
, Nicola Yoon (Delacorte Press, September 1)

everything everything cover nicola yoonThermometers“This heartwarming story transcends the ordinary by exploring the hopes, dreams, and inherent risks of love in all of its forms.” Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Heat Index: There are things that Maddy knows for sure, like she can’t leave her house, that she’s allergic to the world around her and that the new boy next door, Olly, will absolutely break her heart. What she doesn’t know is if she will ever recover. Growing up, dreaming big and taking a leap of faith is at the heart of this endearing and adorable novel that you’ll want to read over and over again.

Temperature: 90°


The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs, Matthew Dicks (St. Martins Press, September 8)

the perfect comeback of caroline jacobs cover matthew dicksThermometers“Sweet, shy Caroline will quickly become your favorite heroine. Tagging along on Caroline’s inspiring journey to fix her life is both fun and empowering.” –Julia Fierro, author of Cutting Teeth

Heat Index: Caroline Jacobs is the mother of a teenager and sick of not speaking up for herself. When she calls out the PTA president in the middle of the school cafeteria, she realizes the root of her issues lie with her high school “best friend” who she’s finally ready to tell off — 25 years later. With youthful tenacity and proof that justice can always be served, this novel makes you feel like a teen again and has you rooting for Jacobs all the way to the end.

Temperature: 94°

Until Friday Night (A Field Party Book 1)
, Abbi Glines (Simon Pulse, August 25)

until-friday-night cover abbi glinesThermometersUntil Friday Night captures the intensity of first love, the power of friendship, and the pain of growing up.” –Kami Garcia, New York Times bestselling co-author of Beautiful Creatures

Heat Index: Maggie Carlton’s father murdered her mother. Now in a new school in Alabama, Maggie refuses to speak, but when popular jock West realizes he has something in common with the new girl, they discover a connection neither can ignore. Glines’ newest series, A Field Party, is one you’ll jump into, devour and then wait impatiently for Book 2. Abbi Glines once again has a home run on her hands in her latest YA. 

Temperature: 99°