It’s the fifth and final season of Awkward and everyone is feeling a little uneasy. After having a front-row seat for four seasons, where being entertained each week revolved around the trials and tribulations of high school student Jenna Hamilton’s (Ashley Rickards) not-so-perfect life, MTV is saying good-bye to the teen drama. I know: What are they thinking!? But chin up, Awkward fans, high school isn’t meant to last forever and the show’s stars Jillian Rose Reed (Tamara Kaplan) and Nikki DeLoach (Lacey Hamilton) have a few things to say, not only about the end of an era, but what’s in store for all of those dedicated Awkward fans.

Ashley as "Jenna" and Jillian as "Tamara"

Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed, l.) and Jenna (Ashley Rickards) Credit: MTV

“I’m really hoping it’s not the end,” winks Jillian Rose Reed. “Who knows, anything can happen, right?” While DeLoach, who plays the forever-young TV mom, teases, “Or is it the last season?”

Ladies, don’t toy with us. Our hearts can’t handle it! All kidding aside, as far as Season 5 is concerned, DeLoach promises the return of a few characters we haven’t seen in a very long time. Pumped yet?

But wait, there’s so much more! The leading ladies also offer up some insight into their characters and several years of embracing the ups and downs of their storylines. One thing Reed is well aware of is that Tamara “has no filter” and shares that the reason she took the role was because she “was drawn to her edgy attitude and her one-liners.”

“She’s definitely the best friend everyone wants around,” Reed adds. “I love her.”

DeLoach appreciates the growth that her character has seen over the years. “As [it] often happens with mother/daughter relationships, as Jenna grows, Lacey grows with her,” she says. “The writers have always done such a great job of creating that parallel between the two. Even though Lacey still suffers missteps in mothering, she has also grown so much over the last four seasons. And in season 5, we see Lacey trying to be a better mom the second time around with her newest addition.”

So, what can we expect from each of these beloved characters in the final season? Well, Reed tells us that we will get to see what unravels after that shocking marriage proposal(!), and life for the newly engaged Tamara will be “a fun storyline,” she spills.

“There’s also prom drama and a lot of fun things for Tamara around graduation,” Reed adds.

One thing’s for sure, there’s a number of loose ends that definitely need to be squared away, and according to DeLoach the writers gave them a lot of fun things to do. Get ready, because a twist is around the corner. “One of the younger characters ends up in the same class as Lacey,” she teases.

Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) Season 3B Episode 1, Credit MTV

Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) Credit: MTV

One thing to always remember is that the characters are definitely different from their portrayers and DeLoach admits that she and Lacey aren’t interchangeable.

“That’s part of what makes her so much fun to play,” says DeLoach. “Physically, the clothes, the boobs, the obsession with how she looks and how her daughter looks. She was raised in Palos Hills and I was raised in a tiny town in South Georgia, playing in the woods and riding four-wheelers. I was very much a tomboy.”

However, the two do share a few similarities. “We are both well-intentioned,” DeLoach says. “She loves her daughter more than life and would do anything for her. I feel the same way about my son.”

And the rest of the cast loves spending time together, especially with DeLoach’s adorable son, and even though the show has come to an end, the girls still see each other all of the time. Whether it’s text message chains with the cast members or seeing each other on a Friday night for a birthday — Reed even babysits for DeLoach on a whim! The love is, without a doubt, real and hits us right in the Awkward feels!

The show’s about high school and everything surrounding it: the studies, the drama, the books we loved to hate to read. So as book lovers here at BookTrib, we wanted to know what these talented ladies’ love to read. DeLoach shares that she’s always reading Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening. She adds “I’m also currently reading Gary Zukav’s The Seat of The Soul.”

Reed took a different spin and admitted that if she were to write a book of her own she’d “probably want to do some sort of book on the entertainment industry.” Now that’s one we’d definitely read!

Reed is also starting to write and produce. “I’ve got a little mix of everything,” she says. “My current focus is a new web series called Elevator Stories. I’ll be starring in it as well as producing. We’re going to be shooting a few episodes and hopefully get them up for viewers soon!” That means, stay tuned everyone.

So, why should you ultimately tune-in for Season 5 when Awkward returns to MTV on Monday, August 31?

“We’re going to give you everything you want out of senior year!” promises Reed. “There’s so much drama, you won’t want to look away. Plus, last we saw Matty he was staring longingly at Jenna on the beach! No one wants a sad Matty!”

Count us in! Is it Monday night yet?