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London Road: Linked Stories by Tessa Smith McGovern is not your ordinary collection of short stories. The ebook feels like a short film, with detailed vignettes and rich snap-shots of life at number 17 London Road, a boarding house on the outskirts of London. The stories are written as a series of glimpses into the lives of several eccentric British women, each with their own distinctive voice and unique journey. Heartbreak, humor, pain, love, and friendship are seamlessly woven together to create this incredibly poignant and quirky collection.

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Here are what some top Amazon reviewers have to say about London Road: Linked Stories:

“Nora takes in strays”

By Whistlers Mom

Top 500 Reviewer

Posted on Amazon on August 23, 2015

One of my all-time favorites is Barbara Pym’s QUARTET IN AUTUMN, which follows four Londoners as they approach retirement age. All have unimportant civil service jobs and none of them quite “fits” into society. All are alone and likely to stay that way, given their quirks. In a world where people are expected to pair off and have children and grandchildren to deal with them, what happens to the singles? Who’s responsible for them?

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“These women are dealing with life as best they can”

By Melinda

Posted on Amazon on August 3, 2015

McGovern creates such compelling, vivid and fascinating characters under the roof of 17 London Road. These women are dealing with life as best they can, overcoming adversity, some have paid a hefty price, you find yourself rooting for all of them as they attempt to reconcile their choices, hoping to forgive themselves of affronts. Enjoyed all the women, saddened when the stories ended, I admit I wanted more. McGovern whetted my appetite for wanting to know what the future holds for this charming patchwork of memorable females.

Powerful Vignettes of Residents of a Halfway House

By Joan A. Adamak “Joan Adamak, Author and Book Reviewer”

Vine Voice Reviewer

Posted on Amazon on August 21, 2015
There are seven vignettes in this collection, in which some of the characters appear in more than one. All of these individuals have suffered greatly from life’s harsh experiences and the vignettes reveal the emotions of them and how they help each other to survive life. They are well written stories, the reader can feel the emotions of these different individuals and the author is English, the setting of the vignettes are somewhere in England, and yet for we Americans, it could just as easily be us.

I enjoyed every story and could feel the moods of the characters due to the excellent writing ability of the author.

I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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