I saw The Notebook at least five times when it came out in theaters back in 2004. And no, I have absolutely no shame attached to that statement. The movie may have become synonymous with sappy romances over the years, but it’s still a damn good flick that basically introduced the world to the ungodly hotness that is Ryan Gosling. #hatersgonnahate

Which is why I was so excited to hear that The CW is developing a series based on the movie and Nicholas Sparks’ original book (Hachette Book Group, 2004). Apparently, the network is even going to skip the present-day Alzheimer’s storyline – which, let’s face it, most of us fast-forward through anyway – and keep the TV show a historical romance that follows Allie and Noah. Swoon.

As a huge fan of cheesy TV, I can’t wait to see how they spread the story out over multiple seasons. But it’s The CW, so I’m preparing myself for a whole lot of Noah and Allie making out to current pop songs and possibly hooking up with everyone in their immediate friend group. Either way, here are my five favorite scenes from the movie that I’m praying, begging, even demanding, make it into the show.

“If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird.”

First of all, Allie’s 1940s swimsuit game is on point. It is an actual shame that I do not have headbands to match all of my swimwear. Secondly, the way Noah watches her makes my insides melt.

“Why Didn’t You Write Me?”

From the swans to that rain-drenched kiss, this scene is perfection. Both Noah and Allie are a little angry, full of yearning, and perfectly willing to fling off their wet clothes the first chance they get. Let’s all hope the show captures this kind of passion.

“It’s a dancing street.”

I really love how fun their relationship seems, even from the start. They’re young and in love and totally willing to make fools out of themselves for each other.

“They Didn’t Agree On Much.”

OK, fine, this is technically a montage. But it’s too adorable not to put in a Notebook show. Whoever they end up casting better have the same sparkling chemistry as Gosling and McAdams. Let’s be honest, that’s really what will dictate the success and popularity of the show.

“I Want All of You, Forever, You and Me, Everyday.”

GAAHHHH. This scene! Please, please, please include this scene, show, okay? The way Gosling grabs his heart as his voice breaks kills me a little every time. And it shows why The Notebook became such a sleeper hit — Noah and Allie’s relationship feels heartbreakingly real in the best of ways.