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Victor Vic Tatelman was a cadet in Visalia, California when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. A chilling anger along with undeniable feelings of retribution filled the air, and Vic, just like the other Cadets, looked for the opportunity to pay back. Vic flew more than 120 missions, serving two tours of duty, first in the Pacific in World War II, and then again in the Pacific during the Korean War, having earned may Air Medals, two DFC (Distinctive Flying Crosses), and one Purple Heart. In 1947, He joined the Reserves. Among many assignments, he worked at the Pentagon, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He was responsible for the development and training of other cadets in the deployment of the new sophisticated radar counter measures, and, among others, he flew his Dirty Dora on raids to destroy enemy bases. Having survived many battles, he conducted low flights over the destruction and aftermath of Hiroshima—the single most important action that brought about the closure to World War II.

Meet the Author

SARAH MOORE is a mother, writer, adventurer, sailor, backpacker, and avid splasher of puddles. Her work has appeared in Maine Boats Homes and Harbors, Adventure Hats, The Sandy River Review, Word Legs, and Doire Press. She writes about life and all the strange and exciting places it can take us. From the most mundane experiences of drinking a cup of coffee with friends, to flying a B-25 bomber over enemy held territory.

She earned her BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maine, Farmington, and holds an MA in writing from the National University of Ireland. She currently lives with her family in Augusta, Maine where she is often found poking around historic sites for story ideas or traipsing around outside looking for adventure. is a hub for booklovers and dedicated to on-the-rise authors that readers may not have heard of. For readers constantly in search of new titles, authors and ideas for their next read, BookTrib will introduce them under-the-radar writers who might be a perfect match. BookTrib has it all: new and noteworthy, exclusive reviews, video interviews, the hottest book podcasts, and all the buzz to enhance readers' understanding and enjoyment of books and up and coming authors. Top-notch contributors. In-the-know content partners. Expert recommendations. Behind-the-scenes peeks. is produced by Meryl Moss Media, a 25-year-old literary marketing, publicity and social media firm. Visit

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