After five agonizing years of trying to guess who ‘A’ is, we finally know the truth. Yes, the real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH. I was skeptical at first– how many times have the Pretty Little Liars fans been told “A WILL BE REVEALED” in this promo, or that promo, by actors and even the creator herself? Definitely too many times to count.

But, last night, on the summer finale of PLL we came #FAceToFace with ‘A.’ If you haven’t seen the new episode, leave now. Like really, close out this window and run in the other direction. I can not be held responsible if you haven’t caught up on this guilty pleasure.


Okay, now that you’ve been properly warned, it’s time to dish: ‘A’ is CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray)?!?! Wait, what the holy hell is this trickery? Did you see that coming, because I sure as hell didn’t.

Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars book series may not have been so off after all. I mean, in the books ‘A’ is Mona… but then it turns out to be a rogue twin sister of Alison’s who takes over the game and tortures the girls. In the ABC Family series, first ‘A’ was Mona (Janel Parrish), but then the game was taken by “Charles.” We knew Charles was a DiLaurentis but what we didn’t know was that CeCe is really Charles because ever since Charles was a child he wanted to dress up like a girl and his father wasn’t having any of that (Screw you Papa DiLaurentis, ‘A’ should have killed you a long time ago). Whoa, did you follow that? Okay, getting back on track now, while Mama D was out gardening and Mr. D was, well, we don’t know where, Ali was crying in her room. Charles had so much love for baby Alison (Sasha Pieterse) that he thought putting her in a bathtub full of water would calm her down — just like bath time! Papa D, of course, walked in just in the nick of time to accuse his son of trying to kill his precious baby daughter and as a result, they hauled Charles off to Radley. Messed up, right? That’s not even the half of it.

There he meets Bethany Young, another patient in the sanitarium who ends up befriending Charles. Bethany then uses Charles’ dress wearing tendencies, which he’s keeping secret from Toby’s mom, as a reason to push Mrs. Cavanaugh off the roof of the mental institution. Side note: RIP Mama C, I knew you didn’t commit suicide, and so did Toby (Keegan Allen)! Okay, you still following? So basically, Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) knew Charles, or at this point Charlotte, was embracing her true self in Radley, and continued to visit her. Charlotte also went off to take some college courses (Who knew temporary leave was a thing at mental hospitals? Apparently “out privileges” exist). Charlotte quickly became bored with class (she’s a super genius who got caught, after all), sought out her family, dated her brother Jason (Drew Van Acker), Really, WTF is going on?, and became besties with sister, Alison. And Mama D still knows what’s up this whole time! She’s literally the worst. Fast forward to Bethany finding out Mrs. DiLaurentis was having an affair with her dad and when the opportunity presented itself, Charlotte, thinking Alison was Bethany, bashed Alison’s head in with a rock. Mama D witnessed the attack and banished Charlotte back to Radley, where she met Mona and completely bent her mind to her will.

Did we mention that Cece’s only REAL accomplice this whole time was Sara FRICKIN’ Harvey (Dre Davis)? I knew that biddie was shading Emily (Shay Mitchell) hardcore. Okay, so boohoo, CeCe loves her family so much and just wants to be herself. Well then don’t torture them and put them through hell, what about a family dinner? Maybe brunch while watching The Walking Dead? No? Okay. Quite frankly, I am indecisive on how I feel about this final reveal. After all of this time not knowing who ‘A’ was and now finally having all of the answers, I’m left feeling, well, weird.

Now in its sixth season (has it really been that long already?), Marlene King told Entertainment Tonight that they’ve had this ‘A’ story planned since the beginning of season three. But I find it hard to believe that, because this storyline was so perfectly timed with current topical events– discussions within the transgender community must be buzzing this morning– but, well done? The jury is still out on whether or not this was innovative or if it is capitalizing on a topic that would for sure bring plenty of attention the show’s way. If no, that was the best-timed story arc I’ve ever watched play out.

So how did everyone else feel about the reveAl? Are you satisfied? Disappointed? Did you wish CeCe would have just jumped off that roof after all the pain she’s caused? Well, if you’re having trouble dealing with the feels…

Here’s 8 Stages Every PLL Fan Went Through Last Night:

Finding Out Who ‘A’ Was Before The West Coast


Remembering All The Crazy Shit CeCe Has Done


Finding Out Sara Harvey is CeCe’s Right Hand Man

When Emily Punched Sara in the Face


Feeling Bad for CeCe and the Crap She’s Been Through


Accepting the Fact that Ella Montgomery Isn’t ‘A’


Marlene King Making Us Wait Six Seasons for This?!


Seeing the PLL Promo for #5YearsForward