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Dear Reader:

easywithyou copyIt’s been two and a half years since we were all introduced to the WITH ME IN SEATTLE gang! It’s hard to believe the series is finished, but before we leave them for good, I thought it would be fun to check in with Matt Montgomery’s super sexy partner, Asher. Asher has moved himself and his adorable daughter, Casey, to the Big Easy, where a serial killer is on the loose! Keeping the woman he loves safe is his top priority. I hope you love Asher and Lila’s story as much as I do!

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KristenProbyHappy reading,

Kristen Proby

Swash_ornamentDear Reader,

IrishMeadows_mck.inddIn doing research for Irish Meadows, I learned that Irish immigrants were not well treated when they arrived in America. I gave my fictional O’Leary family a background of such adversity. Having now attained wealth and respectability with his horse farm in Long Island, James O’Leary is not about to slide back to the hard times his father endured as a new immigrant. He’s determined his daughters will marry well to maintain their social position. Unfortunately, his daughters have other ideas! For a chance to win one of five free copies of Irish Meadows, drop an email to [email protected].com.

Mason_Susan1Best wishes,

Susan Mason


Dear Reader,

themountainstoryI’m eager to share The Mountain Story with you. It’s about four hikers lost together in the mountain wilderness that looms over Palm Springs. In a landscape both harsh and beautiful, Wolf Truly becomes lost with four strangers for five days without food, water or shelter. The four quickly realize that their survival depends on each other. I was inspired by the tawny mountains where I live, and by the indomitable human spirit I witness daily.

lorilansensPlease email me at [email protected] for one of five signed copies.


tubofspidersTub of Spiders was originally a short film script that never made it into full development. Jennifer Patterson contacted David Rowell Workman and suggested the short film script needed to be fleshed out and turned into a novel, or a series of novels. Two years and many drafts Tub of Spiders became the novel that it is. TUB OF SPIDERS is filled with twist and turns as Sara Doyle’s life hangs in the balance when sociopath Russell St. Cloud decides to kidnap the woman he feels is reponsible for an act of violence that happned to him in grade school – the night of The Storm. The authors are currently writing the second book in the trilogy entitled: Den of Spiders.

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