Terrific T-shirt Transformations Without a Sewing Machine

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After the latest heat wave, it’s too darn hot to look cool. But there is a solution.

Summer has always been my least-favorite season for fashion. I find myself resorting to boring T-shirts when I am hanging with friends, going to the beach or exercising. In my opinion, there are two types of T-shirts. The fashion tee: a shirt that was bought at a store, perhaps with a graphic or logo, meant to be worn casually. The thing about these T-shirts is that they tend to get ratty very quickly, especially after frequent wash and wear. Then there is the sentimental-value tee: the shirt that you are not quite ready to part with (for nostalgic reasons), but you never wear in public. These include T-shirts from your high school theater productions, sports team or random events (Earth Day 2013). These shirts don’t do much more than take up space.

The solution to the T-shirt debacle is simple: Recycle them into something new. No sewing machine? No problem! Here are some simple ways to give your old and underused T-shirts some pizzazz with nothing but your hands, a pair of scissors, and a few supplementary materials:

Bleach them: Bleach can be your friend (but be sure to wear gloves). Create stellar galaxy prints or your own vintage-style quote shirts. From Wiki How and Bustle.com.

tardis galaxy tee

(Check out this Dr. Who inspired Tardis Galaxy Tee on Etsy)

Braid them: Turn your tees into accessories by weaving cute and simple braided bracelets—the perfect summer accessories. From Instructables.com.

braided t shirt bracelet

Cut them: Bored of your work-out wear? Fashion your old tee shirt into a trendy tank top. From blogilates.com.


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