Cheer up, Ben and Jennifer; I know, divorce hurts. But the best thing you can do for yourselves right now is to climb back up on that horse. And for my money, the best way you can do that is online dating.

“Online dating?” you’re asking. “Isn’t that kind of creepy and weird?” Well, yes, now and then it can be. But not nearly as much as you might think. Most of the time, it can be a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people. And there are a LOT of people to meet online. More than 40 million of the 124 million single adults in the United States have used online dating—and many of them have found successful relationships as a result.

This goes for people of all ages, including people like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who are each in their early 40s. “You’re living in a post-millennium world now,” writes Dr. Debbie Magids on “Society has evolved, along with the individual notion and perception of what constitutes ‘age.’ Forty is—by anyone’s standards—considered to be young, smart and sexy.

“Feeling your age no longer has to mean feeling old and/or worn out,” writes Magids. “Instead, your 40s have the potential to be the best decade of your life.”

So, Ben and Jen, while we know how difficult it might be for two insanely wealthy, famous and beautiful people to find a new significant other, we think you should pick one of the myriad of dating sites online (maybe there’s a and go for it.

The first thing you’ll both need to do is create a profile. Here are some dos and don’ts:

  • Keep in mind that virtually EVERYONE who writes a profile claims to enjoy “walks on the beach.” I don’t know why. If everyone who said that they liked to walk on the beaches actually did walk on the beach, there would be no room left to walk on the beach anymore.
  • Jennifer, legions of women claim to “be as comfortable in jeans and sneakers as they are in the little black dress.” I have to be honest here: most guys don’t care if you’re wearing a burlap sack, as long as the sack fits right.
  • Ben, no posting pictures of you with other women in them, even if they’re “just friends” (I’m looking at you, J-Lo).
  • Jennifer, every woman claims that she’s “down-to-earth.” You seem to be a really nice, sweet woman, but you’re a Hollywood movie star. Don’t bother with “down-to-earth.”
  • Ben, for the love of God, don’t mention Gigli. (And I’d stay away from Daredevil, too.)

Can online dating help find Ben and Jennifer—and the rest of us singles—true love? “Hell yes,” said Eli Finkel in an interview with The Atlantic (Finkel ran a study of online dating for Northwestern University).  “It’s probably a bit worse than meeting people organically through one’s existing social network, but, outside of that option, it’s probably as good an approach as any.

“But it’s important to realize what online dating can and can’t do,” Finkel said. “It can expand the pool of potential partners, making available a whole slew of people who otherwise would have been unavailable. That’s a huge, huge benefit. But, at least thus far, it can’t figure out who’s compatible with you. That’s your job.”

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