Heat Index: 5 Hot New Books That Deliver Magic

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Can you remember a time when the world of magic left you both scared and excited? In this week’s The Heat Index, we’re tapping into our 10-year-old selves and taking you on an exciting ride through the magical realm. These top five new reads are definitely raising our temperatures and we just couldn’t keep them hidden in our (magic)hat any longer.

Sleepwalker: The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a SomnambulistKathleen Frazier (Skyhorse, September 8)


ThermometersSleepwalker is a terrifying and compelling tale that takes us deep into the horrors of sleepwalking and then reveals to us how the author managed to end a 20-year nightmare.” —Ellen Burstyn, award-winning actress, writer, teacher

Heat Index: This memoir took us on a journey of both fear and hope, as Frazier dealt with her family pain and anger subconsciously. From alcoholism to promiscuity, the author tried everything to quiet her mind until her night terrors pulled her into a different realm. This was a bit dark for our summer palates, but nonetheless, an exciting journey of life discovery.

Temperature: 80°


The Dress Shop of DreamsMenna van Praag (Penguin Random House, February, 2015)

dress shop

Thermometers“[Menna] van Praag has a deliciously innate capability to weave the totality of characters of The Dress Shop of Dreams into a compelling tale. Ultimately, van Praag cracks the code that deciphers magical fate when it comes to couture and the complexities of love.”New York Journal of Books

Heat Index: The old adage, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” rings true when it comes to strolling past this sweet dress shop. Inside sits Cora Sparks’ grandmother Etta, who can turn desire into reality with just a flick of her needle. We quickly fell into this enchanting story and happily enjoyed the ride.

Temperature: 85°


 The Truth According To Us: A NovelAnnie Barrows (Penguin Random House, June 9)

truth according to us

Thermometers“An epic, but intimate, family novel with richly imagined characters, an intriguing plot and the social sensibilities you would expect of a story set in the South.” The Washington Post

Heat Index: A small town’s history is brought to the forefront of this novel where mystery, intrigue and secrets abound. Family dynasty and town legend come together in a unique way to create an enticing read that makes you wish you were a resident of Macedonia, West Virginia.

Temperature: 90°



My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry: A NovelFredrik Backman (Simon & Schuster, June 16)

my grandmother

Thermometers“In his second offering, Backman continues to write with the same whimsical charm and warm heart as in his debut, A Man Called Ove.” Publishers Weekly

Heat Index: The tragedy of losing a grandparent is lessened when Elsa comes across a series of letters her grandmother left her, which pulls her into a world of monsters and fairy tales. Backman takes us on an exciting journey through Elsa’s eyes, as she watches her grandmother’s letters come to life. Our inner child was jumping with joy for this one.

Temperature: 94°



Circus MirandusCassie Beasley (Penguin Random House, June 2)

circus mirandusThermometers“Readers will be left with the reminder that “just because a magic is small doesn’t mean it is unimportant” and the hope that those who still believe will always have magic in their lives.”—Publishers Weekly

Heat Index: Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly Starred Review winner, Circus Mirandus is a delight for every age. Fall into the whimsical world of the Circus along with Micah Tuttle, whose dying grandfather shares magical stories. Determined to find a miracle for his grandfather, Micah embarks on a captivating journey. Reminiscent of the beloved Harry Potter, Beasley will touch your heart and excite the spirit.

Temperature: 98°

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