5 Lines We Loved From Clueless on its 20th Anniversary

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I was 10 years old the first time I watched what has become a cult classic—Clueless—which made stars of Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd. July 19 marks the 20th anniversary of this film based on Jane Austen’s novel, Emma.

The first time I watched this saccharine-sweet high school flick, I was instantly obsessed. It seemed like styles from the movie instantly began to infiltrate popular culture: I and every girl I knew had a fuzzy feather pen at school, plaid raged in its 90s glory transformed into schoolgirl skirts and crystal chokers adorned trendy girls’ necks.

All of that fabulous lingo we’ve come to know and love spouted by the likes of Cher, Amber, Tai and Dionne was overheard in many a high school hallway. As bizarre as many of these sayings were, they actually stuck around far longer than our parents probably liked. Remember, “Phat,” “As If,” and the classic, “Whatever,” complete with a “W” hand symbol? Aren’t you embarrassed now for talking like that? I know I am.

But the best part of Clueless is that fact that Cher, in all of her self-involved glory, does actually surprise us at times. Sometimes she remembers a quote from Hamlet or puts her own ridiculous spin on the classics. Because she’s so adorably, well, clueless we can’t help but love her. Here’s a roundup of the best lines by Ms. Horowitz on the topics of books, music and the arts.

When Cher becomes a reflective philanthropist:

When Cher plays matchmaker:

 When Cher critiques Amber (and Monet)

 When Cher shoots down Josh’s pseudo-intellectual girlfriend

 When Cher reveals the significance of her name

 And of course, we can’t ignore a mention of Oscar Wilde when we see one

 So tell us, what’s your favorite line from Clueless?

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