Melissa McCarthy’s “Spy” is a boon for women in comedy

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Shouldn’t the hardest part of comedy be having to keep a straight face? Not fighting to climb the sexist career ladder. There’s nothing funny about gender inequality. Despite many strides made for, y’know, basic human rights, women are still treated like second-class citizens.

This gender gap (more like a gender Grand Canyon) has always been enormous in professional comedy to the point that people asked if women even have a sense of humor. Is it any wonder that the early pioneers—Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers—weren’t allowed to attractive or confident? Luckily, along came intellectual comedians like Elaine May and Lilly Tomlin in the early 60s, followed by the badasses of Saturday Night Live, and finally today’s Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer.

But before I go off on a 20-page tangent about all the sexist crap that’s still wrong with the world, let’s talk about what’s right! Melissa McCarthy. Yes, a whole person is what’s right with the world. The 44-year-old actress, comedian, writer, and producer (that’s a lot of awesome titles) has been giving us belly laughs since her days as Sookie St. James on the multigenerational drama Gilmore Girls.


Spy, which is McCarthy’s latest and greatest movie, opens Friday, June 5 and is already being hailed as the “comeback we’ve been waiting for.” The rambunctious blast of action and comedy in this espionage thriller (we say “thriller” super loosely because it’s more parody than not) will leave you in awe and thinking to yourself, this movie may have been written and directed by someone else (the ever talented Paul Feig) but this is sooo McCarthy’s show. The lady who made us falll off our chairs laughing at while watching Bridesmaids has definitely found her groove again. I can’t wait to park my derriere in that theater seat tonight.

Keeping in true lady lovin’ fashion, here’s a book recommendation from me to you by one of my favorite comediennes, strike that, one of my favorite COMEDIANS on the scene today:

51Gi8SnV83LHas Anyone Seen My Pants? by Sarah Colonna (Gallery Books, 2015)

Has Anyone Seen My Pants? is a laugh-out-loud trip around America (and Mexico!) with Colonna as she braves crying in nail salons, mother-daughter road trips, Iowan casinos, and single-shaming resorts. From a fling gone wrong, to friendship breakups, to new romance, Sarah’s signature wit and sharp observations take you on a journey at once so deviously funny and surprisingly compassionate that it might just steal your heart—not to mention your pants.

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