Summer has fully sprung and you may think that you missed your chance to be summer-time fine. Maybe there just were enough hours in the day for the Pilates and Zumba and CrossFit. Maybe there are physical limitations to the types of exercises that you can safely manage. You would be wrong.

In this Bookish Diva’s travels down the information super highway, I came across a nifty little story on NPR. (Let’s be honest, just about every story on NPR is a nifty little story.) Apparently, all we need is to walk, at a moderate pace, 30 minutes a day to reap those lovely health benefits. Said Dr. Tim Church, who studies the effects of physical activity at Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center:

“Too many people think you have to exercise really, really hard to get a benefit, and nothing could be further from the truth. You’re actually getting, probably, 95 percent or more of the benefits when you’re walking as compared to jogging.”

So this Bookish Diva wants to help you get (or keep) moving. Find a walking partner. It creates a sense of accountability, meaning that you will be less likely to skip your daily walk.  If you find yourself without a walking partner, a good playlist will keep you moving for miles. Don’t worry, this Bookish Diva has what you need.

Recommended listening:

Beyoncé by Beyoncé

The latest album from Blue Ivy’s mother is perfect for a walk/run workout. It starts slow, speeds up and slows down again. This Bookish Diva tested and approved. Trust me, work it out, and thank me later.




Recommended reading:

jayz decodedDecoded by Jay-Z (Spiegel & Grau, November 16, 2010)

After you stretch your well walked muscles, you can flex your mental muscles by reading Decoded, the memoir by Blue Ivy’s father, Jay-Z.  It combines lyrics, anecdotes, reflections, and autobiographical information. If you are a fan of Jay-Z or hip-hop as a movement, this is a book that you need.