Video: Missed It? Live Interview with Fran Tarkenton, veteran entrepreneur and legendary Hall of Fame quarterback

We’re thrilled to welcome Fran Tarkenton for a #BTLiveChat this month! Tarkenton is a veteran entrepreneur and legendary Hall of Fame quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants. He is the founder of Tarkenton Companies and the Tarkenton Institute, which is focused on entrepreneurial education and development.

As a result of his commitment to serving the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs, Fran and his Tarkenton Institute recently partnered with the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. They offer an online, MBA-level Certificate of Entrepreneurship program, featuring direct access to the educational expertise of UGA faculty with the Tarkenton Institute’s network of industry experts and seasoned business practitioners. It consists of a comprehensive online curriculum that prepares enrollees for the world of entrepreneurship through 100 hours of hands-on learning and video lectures compiled from a combination of unique MBA courses taught at UGA and practical hands-on instruction from the Tarkenton Institute.

Tarkenton Companies, Fran’s flagship enterprise, operates through several entities to offer small business resources, tools, and services. Brands include GoSmallBiz, Click2Corp, Tarkenton Financial, and SmallBizClub.

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