Heat Index: 5 hot new books to take poolside

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Is it just us or is it hot in here? A cool blue swimming pool is calling us and there’s no better time to sink our teeth into a new book, especially when it means diving into a world of secrets, mysteries and intrigue. We’ve got five hot new reads on deck for our first post in this steamy new section. So what’s hot, hot, hot, and what’s just—not? Check out the thermometer next to each book and see how we rated the latest and greatest.

Accidents of Marriage, Randy Susan Meyers (Simon & Schuster, June 9)

RSM coverThermometers“A deft exploration of the borders of abuse and the aftermath of tragedy, the triumphs and disappointments of recovery, and the possibilities of faith and forgiveness.” –Star Tribune

Heat Index: The buildup of emotions had us bursting at the seams, but the twist you don’t see coming had us cheering the heroine on all the way to the finish line in this gut-wrenching depiction of a failing marriage.

Temperature: 90°

The President’s Shadow, Brad Meltzer (Grand Central Publishing, June 16)

Meltzer coverThermometers“A taut political conspiracy thriller… Readers will find it difficult to put this quick-paced page-turner down as they get pulled into the maze of deceit, intrigue, and conspiracy.”―Library Journal

Heat Index: Beecher White, secret member of the Culper Ring, is called when a human arm is found buried in the White House Rose Garden. Death and conspiracy abound in this latest nail-biter from the Culper Ring Series. You’ll need to catch your breath when you’re done with this one.

Temperature: 84°

 The Melody Lingers On, Mary Higgins Clark (Simon & Schuster, June 23)

MHC coverThermometers“A summer list would be lacking without one from Mary Higgins Clark.”—New York Post

Heat Index: Billions of missing dollars, the attractive son of a seemingly-vanished financier and enough intrigue to keep us awake at night had us racing to the end of this page-turner.

Temperature: 80°


Marry, Kiss, Kill, Anne Flett-Giordano (Prospect Park Books, June 16)

AFG coverThermometers“A delightful combination of snark, sass and sunshine. …Nola and Tony trade witty banter and relationship woes, while connecting the criminal dots, making the bite-sized chapters fly. This funny, sexy mystery is one to enjoy in the sun, preferably with sand between your toes and an umbrella drink close at hand.” — Publishers Weekly

Heat Index: Our sarcastic hearts were a flutter with this spunky read. Your bikini-clad self will be mad you missed out!

Temperature: 86°

The Summer of Good Intentions, Wendy Francis (Simon & Schuster, July 7)

the-summer-of-good-intentions-9781451666427_hrThermometers“Wendy Francis’s book thrilled me like a ride in a race car along the coast with the top down.”  –Elin Hilderbrand

Heat Index:  What do you get when you mix family, secrets and a mysterious accident? A messy and engrossing scorcher of a story that we couldn’t walk away from even after the sun went down.

Temperature: 95°


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