Beware: If you have not seen Season 5 of Game of Thrones in its entirety, or if you have not read all five books of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, tread lightly. This is a spoiler heavy zone. You have been warned. Save your caps lock of outrage for someone who has not been tormented with the knowledge of what could and should have been.

Mother have mercy – because Benioff and Weiss surely did not.

Season 5 of Game of Thrones has taken viewers, and more importantly book readers, for a ride. When this season started, the devoted knew that we were headed into uncharted territory. While the supposedly non-canon plot lines tore at this Bookish Diva’s soul, it was the canon moments that devastated me. This is not to take away from the character switch that made poor Sansa Stark, instead of Jeyne Poole, the bride of the sadistic and newly legitimized Ramsay Bolton.

It also will never make right the character assassination of Stannis Baratheon. Book Stannis would have never succumbed to the manipulation of Melisandre. Book Stannis would have never sacrificed his daughter and sole heir. Stannis loved Shireen above all else.  (Yes, this Bookish Diva is aware that allegedly Benioff and Weiss have inside information that claim this death is future canon. This Bookish Diva cares not for your feeble explanations for such an atrocity.)

But… That is not why I’m here today. Today, I am gushing, or gnashing my teeth, over the season finale. If you are looking for deep philosophical insights, you have come to the wrong place. It’s all pure fangirl emotion.

Let’s start with the attempted siege of Winterfell. This is where I do a little dance of evil joy. Stannis burned his only child, his heir, the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon to secure victory at Winterfell. And what happened?

His men abandoned him. His treacherous witch abandoned him. I’m guessing that the flames told her to dash back to the wall. Then, glory arrived. Brienne of Tarth found Stannis and put this Bookish Diva out of her misery. Hopefully Stannis’ corpse freezes and Nymeria finds his thawed body in the spring and feeds it to her pack.