Did you say, pulp burger? The vegan, gluten-free phenomenon

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I still remember the first time my father, a vegan, forced a veggie burger on me. I recall the unpleasant smell, followed by the highly questionable taste and terrible texture. I was told I couldn’t leave the table until I’d finished the “burger,” so I finally choked it down around 11:30. After that night, I swore I’d never touch another vile veggie burger and until a few years ago, I was true to that vow.

Oh, how things change.

Veggie Burger
Veggie Burger

Maybe my taste buds grew up, or veggie burgers today are simply a million times better than they used to be. I’m inclined to go with the latter (although I’m willing to admit that my taste buds have matured as well). These days, veggie burgers are no longer a fad; they’re a legitimate – and surprisingly tasty – option for those who value their health. Did I just say tasty? I did. Inventive food creators totally understood my initial aversion and tried to do something about it.


Take Lukas Volger, for example: here’s someone who understood that veggie burgers needed a taste revolution and that resulted in the book, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way: Flavorful and Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers (The Experiment, 2010). If you want options, you’ve got ’em. And no more complaining about texture and taste because Volger wanted to get away from the “rubbery, over-processed frozen burgers sold in cardboard boxes.”

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t want to eat a burger made out of tofu.” Well, you don’t have to. This book contains recipes for Corn Burgers, Thai Carrot Burgers and even Baked Falafel Burgers. The recipes are all vegan and/or gluten-free and you’re almost guaranteed to find something appealing. My father will rejoice when he finds out I’ve used “appealing” to refer to veggie burgers.

And now, the expansion continues. The new big thing is-

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