Hey, Ocelites: Valeton University may be on summer break, but pull out those highlighters and sticky notes. The long wait is over and Classic Alice is finally back!

Season 1 ended happily with Alice Rackham (Kate Hackett) finally realizing what Andrew Prichard (Tony Noto) knew all along: that they belonged together. And when Season 2 opened this week with — (spoiler alert!)  — Alice and Andrew waking up together, oh the feels!

Andrew may have had enough of chasing Alice on her adventures through classic literature, but Alice hasn’t, and neither have we. Which is why we may have cheered just a little when Alice announced that she will use their upcoming camping trip to experience Walden by Henry David Thoreau. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Louisa Mae Alcott reference.)


This season promises to be even more adventurous. Alice is starting an internship with a Prichard Media Group (yes, Andrew’s family) subsidiary, Andrew is in grad school, and we get to go outside. Classic Alice is taking a page from the Welcome to Sanditon playbook by including certain supporters from the Season 2 crowdfunder (myself included!) as canon. Add to that a new literary magazine, James Brent Isaacs, and some new cast members, including Dyana Liu, Lelani Marie Smith, Paul Todd, and Jonathan Emerson (could that be Andrew’s father?). I can’t wait! (I just hope that the History Majors make an encore appearance.)

If you have been meaning to watch Classic Alice, but haven’t had the time, catch up on Season 1 here, and take some time to watch the delightful BookTrib Live Chat with creator and star Kate Hackett and her costar Tony Noto.

Then, watch the Season 2 premiere.

Classic Alice airs Tuesdays and Thursdays on YouTube. Let us know what you thought of the premiere in the comments.