8 Legendary legal novels to celebrate Magna Carta’s 800th

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On June 15, 1215, “The Great Charter” was sealed.

If you’re unfamiliar, we’re talking about the Magna Carta and this week, this momentous event celebrates its 800th anniversary. The document that became a legal cornerstone for judicial systems around the world was actually nullified in a matter of weeks. But what the Magna Carta began simply couldn’t be stopped.

Signing of the Magna Carta
Signing of the Magna Carta

Dubbed “a symbol of freedom under law,” the tyrannical rule of King John was the catalyst. He wanted to impose arbitrary taxes upon barons and the Magna Carta was the first time people proposed the idea of restricting an unelected sovereign.

To celebrate this historical anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of eight legendary legal novels that will keep you thinking. Many masters have written wonderful works involving trials, courtrooms, lawyers, wrongful imprisonments, prison escapes, judges and juries, and to celebrate the birth of modern law, here are a few of our favorites.

Here we go:

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