6 Simple ways you can declutter and reenergize this summer

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Summer is here and you’re rarin’ to go. You want to give the garage (and maybe the attic) a thorough cleaning. You’ve been promising yourself for years that it’ll get done and now’s the time.

And yet, there you sit, totally unmotivated.

Perhaps you still have some lingering cobwebs from the brutal winter. Or maybe you’re facing the all-too-common Catch-22: You can’t relax until you’ve cleaned up a bit but you can’t seem to find the time – or the necessary motivation – to get started.


Well, there are ways to light a fire. Believe it or not, the whole process of decluttering can be very Zen-like, simply because you can tie together the mind and the living space. Clear everything out! Get rid of that box of ridiculous odds and ends in the basement that you swear you’ll need! Get rid of those damaging thoughts in your head that are ruining your ambition and potential!

This mental and physical cleansing will get you on the right path for summer. And when you’ve successfully cleared your rooms and your head, you’ll go everywhere with a serene smile. “I’ve managed to conquer it all,” it’ll say to the world. “I’ve got no clutter around here or up here.”

Here are your six simple ways to declutter, staring with the physical and moving up to the all-important psychological. You’ll be a full-fledged Guru of Spotless Clean when you’re done.

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