Talk about the ultimate Father’s Day gift! News broke this Tuesday that Gina Rodriguez, star of the CW’s breakout comedy Jane the Virgin will publish a book in 2016 titled, I Can and I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me. Word of this sweet book deal from Simon & Schuster came just in time for Father’s Day, and will include lessons she’s learned from her dad, Genaro Rodriguez.



The 31-year-old actress, who is being hailed as the entertainment world’s “next big thing” by The Hollywood Reporter is wasting no time diving head first into the book world. And we couldn’t be more excited here at BookTrib, as we are huge fans of the budding actress. I mean, how fitting is it that the Jane the Virgin star, who plays Jane Villanueva, an aspiring writer on The CW’s hit series, would try her hand at writing off-screen. All she needs to do is channel the enthusiasm of her on-screen father, Rogelio De La Vega (Jaime Camil), and we’re BEYOND confident that this Hollywood powerhouse is going to nail it.

Rodriguez gave her first public nod to her father during her Golden Globes acceptance speech earlier this year, acknowledging her mentor’s words of wisdom, ones he clearly instilled within her at a young age, “My father used to tell me to say every morning, ‘Today is going to be a great day. I can and I will,’” she said to the audience after winning Best Actress in a TV Comedy. “Well, Dad—today is a great day. I can and I did.”

We couldn’t be happier for Rodriguez, who was also named one of the “Top 35 Latinos Under 35,” by The Hollywood Reporter. Since breaking on to the scene, one thing’s for sure—Rodriguez is a breath of fresh air and her performances are guaranteed to continue to entertain for many years to come.

What do you think about the breakout star writing a book? Do you think you’ll benefit from the insight daddy Rodriguez has to offer? Let us know in the comments section below.