I can tell you from personal experience that the bond between a father and daughter is unique, profound and indelible. Is it strong enough to make a father miss the big game in order to attend a dance recital? Yes. Will it convince a father to wear a frilly pink hat and take part in a tea party with a bunch of stuffed animals? Sure.

But the real question is this: will it send a dad across the length and breadth of a fiery landscape riddled with collapsing buildings, shattered highways and shifting tectonic plates in order to save his little girl?

You’re damn right it will.

That unbreakable bond between dad and daughter lies at the heart of San Andreas, the epic disaster film opening Friday. The film is laden with state-of-the-art special effects depicting the Big One—a monstrous series of earthquakes that demolishes the state of California and imperils the more than 38 million people who inhabit it.

But two of those Californians are rescue-chopper pilot Ray Gaines (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario), who is about to go off to college. And while much of the state may be doomed (sorry, dudes), what chance does a mere earthquake—even one described as a “global event”—stand against Johnson when rescuing his daughter is involved? (Look, I’ve seen the guy wrestle everyone from the Undertaker to Stone Cold Steve Austin. My money is on The Rock.)

Check out some of the carnage Johnson will face in San Andreas—and a couple of new books about the unique bond between dad and daughter:

Teach Your Daughters to Fly coverTeach Your Daughters to Fly: The Incredible Impact of Father-Daughter Relationships by Corletta Vaughn (Next Century Publishing, 2015)

In this book, motivational speaker Vaughn talks about “Father hunger,” a daughter’s need for a father figure that helps them develop self-esteem and success. Written for women seeking to repair their relationships with their dads and for fathers who may be unclear about how to guide their daughters to their destinies, the book describes how fathers can help inspire courage, worth, stability and competitiveness in their daughters.

SFSD reprint Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker (Regnery Publishing, 2015)

According to teen health expert Dr. Meg Meeker, the most important person in a young girl’s life is her father, and an active father figure might be the single most important factor in a young girl’s development. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters shows dads how to strengthen (or rebuild) their relationships with their daughters, and how to shape their lives for the better.