Books for TV Addicts: Oh, what to do without Arrow?

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Arrow’s final episode of season 3 premiered last week and OMG you guys, I’m still freaking out. If you haven’t watched it yet now’s the time to click away, because I’m about to bombard you with spoilers.


OLIVER AND FELICITY RAN AWAY TOGETHER. Oof. My little ‘shipper heart can’t take it. I love these two more than anything, and they literally get to ride off into the sunset together:

After a pretty dark season that started with Sara’s death and ended with Oliver’s world getting ripped apart, Arrow fans needed this happy ending. Now we only have to wait until the fall to find out how Season 4 is going to play out. Will Oliver ever become the Arrow again? Will Diggle forgive him for kidnapping his wife? Did Ray die in that explosion (and do we really even care)? Honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to make it through the summer. But to help out, here are three books/comics I’ll be devouring as I impatiently wait for Arrow to return:

Arrow: Season 2.5 (DC Comics)

Because the production team behind Arrow is awesome, they don’t just leave us hanging between seasons. This year, they’ve been releasing Season 2.5 comics every two weeks, giving us the inside scoop about what happened over the summer hiatus. Want to find out how Oliver and his crew cleaned up the city so well after Season 2—and how Felicity and Oliver finally got to the first date stage? Check out 2.5, available as digital downloads from all major online bookstores.

Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman (Vintage)

InvincibleSuperhero novels are rarer than you’d think, but Grossman’s story of Doctor Impossible is masterfully done. It tells the story of a supervillain who’s lost everything, but is determined to finally take over the world. Then there’s Fatale—a cyborg who just joined the famous superhero team The Champions. The novel switches between their perspectives, but never loses its tongue-in-cheek tone. A must-read for any superhero — or villain — enthusiast.

Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle and Jock (DC Comics)


If you’re not familiar with the original Green Arrow story, now’s the time to catch up. Green Arrow: Year One gives us a modern take on the classic DC hero. Discover how Oliver changed from billionaire playboy to survivalist to hardened hero. The graphic novel delves into the psychology of the iconic superhero, while still staying true to his original narrative. For those of you who are Green Arrow purists, this read is for you. Just don’t expect me to start rooting for Laurel and Oliver to get together anytime soon.

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