Barb Schmidt Asks: When was the last time you did nothing?

Sitting doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, sitting alone with your thoughts can be extremely therapeutic.

If you’re looking for answers; if you want a stronger sense of self; if you desire an inner calmness you’ve failed to obtain, you need to listen to Barb Schmidt’s latest TEDx talk in Boca Raton. Schmidt has been involved in spirituality for the past thirty years as she promotes the concepts of “plugging into you” and “sitting with yourself.” It goes beyond the relatively simple concept of meditation; it’s about understanding ourselves and gaining a greater awareness of our own thoughts.

Schmidt, founder of Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, Zen Ed and Zen Sports, promotes the virtue of the self care. As she asks in her talk: “When was the last time you did nothing?” And when she says nothing, she means it. No emailing, no texting, no reading, no perusing paintings. Just sitting in silence with your thoughts, which she says can be “brutal.”

But she says it’s an essential part of growth and eventual happiness. After three decades of study and almost a decade of teaching, Schmidt founded the non-profit Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, an organization that provides educational and inspirational opportunities to those who seek a greater peace and happiness. She continues to encourage individuals to–well, find the individual within.

Sit alone with yourself. Learn about you and see where it takes you. And for another piece of insight, check Here’s How You Can Quiet Your Busy Mind, by Meryl Moss.


Recommended Reading:

The Practice: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace, and Uncovering Happiness by Barb Schmidt (HCI, 2014)

Barb Schmidt, a well-known speaker and spiritual leader, manages to combine spirituality with the responsibilities of everyday life. She makes the concept of inner peace sound approachable and attractive, while advising everyone to open their hearts. Filled with a mix of practical and inspirational advice, The Practice is a gateway to a calmer, more fruitful life.



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