Planning a wedding is tough.

All that planning. All that pressure and stress. The potential for years of regret and bad feelings among the in-laws. It’s just so not in the spirit of a glorious day of fulfillment and celebration.  [giveaway giveaway_id=2060 side=”right”]

Thankfully, Ikea has the solution: As seen at Fast Company, the Swedish retailer gives you the option of attending a wedding from the comfort of your own home. The new Brollop online platform allows users to host their weddings in a virtual capacity; the idea is to take the Google Hangouts experience to the next level. And the best part? You can choose to have your wedding wherever you wish.

And by “have,” they mean in the virtual sense, of course. Have you always imagined a wedding on some exotic sun-splashed beach? Brollop can make it happen. Want to be kooky and head to the circus? You can do that, too. All your friends and family can “attend,” so-to-speak, simply by connecting to the online platform and tuning into the nuptial action.

Oh, how times have changed. There was a time when people had to go places to meet other people and attend gatherings. But depending on your definition of “gathering,” you can achieve communication at the press of a button. Just remember that there’s still no excuse for attending a wedding in your underwear.


Go the traditional route for a chance to win…

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