The 100 Author Kass Morgan Talks TV Series, Bellarke vs. Clexa, and Her Love of Sci-Fi!

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I cannot get enough of The CW’s The 100 (Thank you, Kass Morgan!). I would eat, sleep and breathe this show if it was socially acceptable. I wish I could articulate without sounding like a total fangirl (although I think I’m beyond that point now), how phenomenal this series is. Let me set the scene for you—it’s 97 years after a nuclear war destroyed the Earth, forcing the last known survivors to flee to a makeshift space station known as the Ark. Spoiler alert: the Ark is rapidly losing its resources (97 years orbiting the Earth will do that to you) and soon everyone will die. What to do? How about sending 100 of the Ark’s juvenile delinquents down to Earth to see if anyone can survive? (Gee, thanks; a free ride to the land of radiation!) Down to Earth they go, to a post nuclear apocalypse warzone. Despite essentially being sent to their deaths, the 100 soon discover that their former home is indeed inhabitable (but don’t jump for joy quite yet.) Without giving too much away, I can tell you that this show takes you on an epic journey into an unknown world filled with dangers, high stakes and a little bit of teen angst.

Unfortunately for us, season two of this phenomenal television series just ended and we’re stuck in limbo not knowing what will happen to our favorite characters. Where will Clarke (Eliza Taylor) go after her gut-wrenching decision? Has Thelonious (Isaiah Washington) completely lost his mind? (I vote yes.) Will Clexa (the romantic pairing of Clarke and Lexa/Alycia Debnam-Carey) be reunited in season three? (By all that is Polis, I hope so!) But if you’re on the same drop ship as me (Sky People humor) and can’t wait until the show returns in the fall, have no fear! Jonesin’ for a Fix: Books for TV Addicts is here. And not only with book recommendations but our first ever audio interview add-on to keep you semi-sane during the hiatus.

So let’s get to it: I’d be foolish to not recommend the books that started it all. Yes, the CW’s The 100 is based on a book of the same name by the wonderful Kass Morgan. Morgan was kind enough to chat with me about The 100 book series, which includes The 100, Day 21, and Homecoming. Although the show deviates from the books practically after episode one, the novels are guaranteed to give you a whole new experience filled with the isolation of the 100 and overall exploration of this seemingly new land.

Kass Morgan and I spoke at length about her series being made into a TV show, her never-ending love for Bellarke (the romantic pairing of Bellamy and Clarke) and her intriguing dystopian world.

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Do you watch The 100? Have you read the books by Kass Morgan? Are you a Bellarke or Clexa shipper? Let us know how you’re holding yourselves over until the new season (or until a new book) comes out in the comment section below. 

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