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Dear Reader,

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Dear Reader

Liar’s Bench is full of heart and soul, but it also tackles big, important issues like racism and bigotry. I think it has a little something for everyone: a family drama, a love story, a murder mystery, a coming-of-age story, and a social commentary. There’s something for every kind of reader! Ultimately, I hope Liar’s Bench becomes an important message of mankind’s slight, but steady triumphs over prejudices and racial injustice.

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Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for picking up Wicked Wolf. When I first started out with the Redwood Pack, I never dreamed I would end up where I am now. The Pack has been my life, my dreams, and my family for years and now we’re moving on in in the world and finding out what happens when another Pack enters their domain. Their lives have changed and so has mine. I hope you enjoy Gina and Quinn’s story. They are close to my heart and as wicked as they come.

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Carrie Ann


Dear Reader,


From the outside, it sounds like an amazing gift.

But there is a price to pay, too, as the men and women in my Dark Pleasures series know only too well.

In Caress of Pleasure, that price is loneliness. How can an immortal man bear to watch his love grow old? To feel the weight of that loneliness a century from now, when death has taken her from him?

Thirteen years ago, Dante reluctantly walked away from the woman he loved in order to not only protect his secret, but to protect his love, both body and heart. Now, she’s back in his life, older and stronger and more beautiful than ever. And Dante knows that he will never survive eternity if he can’t find a way to both win her back

…and make certain that theirs is a love that will last through time.

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Julie Kenner