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thedistantmarvalsMaria Sirena tells stories. She does it for money—she was a favorite in the cigar factory where she worked as a lectora—and for love, spinning gossamer tales out of her own past for the benefit of friends, neighbors, and family. But now, like a modern-day Scheherazade, she will be asked to tell one last story so that eight women can keep both hope and themselves alive.

In a single room on the top floor of the governor’s mansion, Maria Sirena begins to tell the incredible story of her childhood during Cuba’s Third War of Independence. Stories, however, have a way of taking on a life of their own, and transported by her story’s momentum, Maria Sirena will reveal more about herself than she or anyone ever expected.

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Chantel Acevedo


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On-a-Night-Like-This-EbookMeet the Callaways! My bestselling family series begins with ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS. Sara Davidson goes home to forge a relationship with her estranged father only to discover disturbing family secrets. Her life is further complicated by the reappearance of her high school crush, Aiden Callaway, a smoke jumper caught up in his own mystery. ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS is the perfect blend of women’s fiction, romance and suspense!

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gameonThanks so much for checking out my ebook Game On! Never to Love and Never to Part. Stories about Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada bring the city alive and attract us to the characters in the ebook. Never to Love introduces James and Sarah who become business partners with passion. Never to Part has Ryan almost getting run over by Sam in her car and soon these two find themselves working together. Find out what happens to these two power couples! I’m giving away five free ebooks email

Tara C. MacDonald




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cookiescaseOff beat New York attorney Tug Wyler, first met in Suzy’s Best Beach Read 2013; Poisoned Pen Bookstore 2012 Best Debut Novel; Suspense Magazine Best Books of 2012—is embroiled in the mysterious medical malady of a sexy stripper who slipped on a banana peel at Jingles Dance Bonanza winding up under the knife of a spine surgeon with a sloppy touch. Can you solve Cookie’s Case? Join the 5 book giveaway …