Celebrating Abe & Fido and our staff pals on National Pet Day

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Ever wonder why so many dogs were named Fido? It may have something to do with President Abraham Lincoln’s beloved dog whom he adopted as a stray in Springfield, Illinois. Fido accompanied Lincoln on his rise from obscure country lawyer to the White House in 1861.


It was the move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that separated Lincoln and Fido — the president knew the skittish dog hated trains and loud noises and was forced to leave him behind with friends. But Lincoln had many animal companions throughout his life including dogs, cats, horses, game animals and the family pig. In the spirit of Lincoln and his animal friends, we thought we’d share some of our own beloved animals for National Pet Day .

Abe Lincoln's Fido 2
Abe Lincoln’s Fido

Lucy Moss Shiekman is also known as @BookTribLucy and for her love of napping with books.

Snuggling Lucy Moss Shiekman

Gus Zipf is the scrapper in this group. He’s always up for a walk with friends.

Gus Zipf

Winston Harkness puts down his book to offer a toast for National Pet Day. Champagne, anyone?

Winston Harkness

Lily Rose Zuklie is another famous napper. She’s as cuddly as she looks.


Lily Rose Zuklie Sleeping In

Here’s Comet Tannenbaum amid the heather in England. This handsome boy is a world traveler.

Comet Tannenbaum (JaG)

Mark and Ollie Hausman are quite the mischievous pair. We omitted the photo of Mark with a face full of flour.

Ollie & Mark Hausman


The lovely Kaia is growing into those impressive paws.

kaia then and now

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