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See what this week’s authors have to say! In each AuthorBuzz note you’ll receive invitations to join contests, get free books, bookplates or bookmarks, read personal stories, and more.


Dear Reader,

After-a-FashionFrom the first time I watched My Fair Lady years and years ago, I’ve been intrigued with the idea of the downtrodden, yet self-sufficient heroine, striking up an alliance with a wealthy, society gentleman. That intrigue was what inspired me to write the story of Miss Harriet Peabody, a mere hat maker, and Mr. Oliver Addleshaw, a gentleman firmly entrenched within New York high society during the Gilded Age. If you’re a reader who enjoys rags to riches stories, After a Fashion might very well be the perfect book for you. For a chance to win one of five free copies, write to me at [email protected].

Wishing you all the best,

Turano_Jen1Jen Turano




Dear Readers,

strangerbox“You have to deal with things as they come at you.  Everybody faces challenges. Either you rise to them or let them break you,”  explains Eden, the protagonist of The Stranger Box. I agree with her. Resilience is critical.  The more horrific the challenge , the more important it becomes. Like Eden, throughout my life, I have tried to remain courageous and optimistic even when widowed as a young woman;  when faced with the demands of running a business while raising two daughters; when losing my job; and now, when facing the challenges of aging.

pamcumingEmail me at [email protected]for a chance to win 1 of 5 free copies.



Dear Reader,

Almost Perfect CoverTwo unlikely friends, an old woman and a lonely fourteen-year-old boy, take an aging champion standard poodle to the Westminster Dog Show and heal their troubled families. “Two strong personalities are about to butt heads and be forced to face their issues—with family, dogs and missed chances.” Crash My Book Party

I’m giving away five books. Email [email protected] to win.

“Will leave a lasting impression on your heart.” Avid Book Collector.

manningDiane Daniels Manning




Dear Readers,

One-Among-Us-CoverStep inside the mind of a kidnapped child. Understand the humiliation, helplessness, loneliness, and tragedy. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were a child being held against your will? One Among Us will stay with you long after the story ends. Strap in and be prepared to experience a range of emotions that will make you scream for justice.

Write me at [email protected] to win one of five autographed copies.







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